Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the google search BLOW OFF

Editor's Note: This is a gem of a story sent to us by EN,  one of our loyal readers in San Francisco, CA.  Google search at your own risk, people!:

A couple weeks ago I was invited to an event at the Phoenix Hotel - a pool party. Obviously being SF, this was not a Vegas or LA type pool party, just a party...that took place outside...and there was a pool. No, I didn't wear a scarf.  I was excited to go, I had a friend visiting me from LA and I was looking forward to catching up with her and doing something a little different. For some reason I tend to get roped into going out in the Marina so this was a pleasant departure from the norm.

This guy, totally "MT" (as my friends and I say "my type")...tall, dark and handsome, age appropriate (at least he looked it with his salt and pepper hair), great smile and overall great demeanor approached me at this pool party - not creepy, but flattering.   Said a quick hello commented on my eyes, and basically left to hang with his friends. Guess he was "planting the seed" to catch up later. And he did. We ended up having a great conversation and I was actually excited about this guy. Seemed too good to be true honestly. Aaaaaaand he was. After hanging out all day he asked my friend and me to join them for dinner. Again, great conversation, laughing, etc...I gave him my number after dinner and we were off.

The next morning I asked my friend if she remembered his last name, I knew she was talking to his friend about it...sure enough she told me. And here's where the super sleuthing can get you in trouble! I Googled him. And so should you. You will likely be dying laughing, my mouth was on the ground. SO happy I did, but also SO sad that I did.

His name: Robin Naber

What do you think?!?!?

He texted me/called me the next day. I never responded. Ohhhhhhhhhh Google.

Can you believe that?  Is this guy ever able to get a date anymore?  Have you guys ever gotten some bad news after internet stalking anyone?  Comment below! 


  1. Ahahahaha, im seriously dying of laughter right now. A) That site is amazing. B) Props to whatever ex of his wrote that. and C) I clearly need to google my dates more.

    This seriously made my day. LOL. I wonder if he even knows it exists! Completely outed lol.

    Better luck next time!

  2. Oh Mon dieu! I need to put my ex on this website. Do they have a French version? And I need to put a reminder in my phone: Google your crush before it is too late. Thanks for the tip.

  3. A guy I was seeing has a famous parent and some of the things I learned via google about the parent really helped me understand the guy I was considering getting into a relationship with. I definitely learned where he gets his selfishness from and it saved me some heartbreak.

  4. I'm Googling myself now! :D

  5. The original post (on the link) seems bitter and full of hatred, which is something to consider in its own right (who wants to deal with a crazy stalker bitch slandering their man?), but Robin's response in the comments seals the deal in my mind that she was actually correct about him. His grammar is atrocious/childlike and he is more interested in coming across as a player than a gentleman. Consider that bullet dodged thanks to Dr. Google, IMO.