Monday, October 15, 2012

the niceness experiment: an update

So, the biggest down side to being with someone you feel completely comfortable with is that you end up showing them your crappier sides a little more often then necessary.  That's why a couple weeks ago I decided to make a conscious effort to be nicer to my significant other for at least thirty days.  If you missed the original post on our niceness experiment, click here.  So, here's my first update on my niceness experiment and how it all panned out:

Pretty darn good.

There were a couple things that happened over the course of the experiment that I normally would have gotten pissy about (sig other coming home a little tipsy and a little obnoxious the night my brother was in town, sig other going camping and forgetting to call me to say he made it there in one piece, blah blah).  It was surprisingly easy to make the decision to not get upset about either of these things.

And then on Saturday morning I had a major relapse.  I was admittedly grumpy because it was my birthday weekend and birthdays generally stress me out.  We had dinner reservations the night of my birthday, but I had to cancel them because I got stuck at work so that already made me fragile and sensitive.  Then, although it was kind of hilarious, I was annoyed at Sig Other for writing "happy birthday, Saaara!" on my Facebook wall instead of something a little more personal.  Don't get me wrong, I'm the least Facebook PDA person out there, but I wouldn't have minded something clever and sweet (Ugh, Facebook is ruining all our lives).   And then when I got home the night of my bday after work, sig other was passed out on the couch and incoherent when I tried to wake him, so I went to bed alone (in his defense, he did try to wait up for me-- I got home at midnight-- and he had bought cupcakes).   But, unfortunately on Saturday morning on our way to spin class together (I know, so dorky) Saaara Fierce came out in full force.  I was grumpy and I was an uber-bitch about it.

We had a fight in the car, but then I decided to get in a good mood and it was surprisingly easy to turn it all around.

The niceness experiment continues this week which will be pretty easy, because sig other is in New York.  But I think I'll go out of my way to send him sweet-nothings over text while he's gone.  Any other tips for me on how to be nicer or am I crazy bitch and a lost cause?  Comment below!

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