Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The "you're dating HER?!?!" BLOW OFF

It's normal to be super curious about our exes next relationship after us--- what does he or she have that we don't...how did they meet...what does he or she do for a living...do they look anything like us.  When we can't stalk our replacements over Facebook, sometimes we're doomed to let our imaginations run wild about how much cooler and better than us they probably are.  I prefer to think that all the guys I've dated have now ended up with girls who have bad teeth, meth face, and extra stinky vaginas.  But what happens when you actually KNOW the person your ex ended up with?  You know... that girl you always suspected they might have a little crush on, but they swore to you they were just friends and now that you're broken up they're actually dating and he was lying all along...and kill yourself.

This is apparently what Demi Moore is going through these days now that her soon to be ex-husband Ashton Kutcher is dating Mila Kunis.  According to sources, Demi was always insecure over Ashton's friendship with Mila, but he assured her there was nothing there.  And now they are making out all over Central Park in their sweat pants.  One of my friends in high school also struggled with this when she went away to college and her high school sweetheart broke up with her and started dating another girl on her old water polo team...that she used to be good friends with.  I remember at the time she was devastated, not only because the relationship was over, but because they had been lying to her all along when she suspected they might have feelings for each other.

And then there was the friend who's boyfriend dumped her for the girl in a couple they'd often vacationed with.  No.  Nuh-uh.  Not cool.

Here's the new BLOW OFF rule: all of our significant others need to have absolutely nothing to do with each other.  Your new GF or BF has to be completely anonymous to your old GF or BF.  That means no dating that co-worker or that childhood friend or that person you both went to high school with.  They shouldn't even be allowed to have mutual friends on Facebook.  If you even uttered the person's name, while you were dating your ex-- they are off limits.  Breaking up is hard enough.  Let's try and make it a little easier on each other by moving on with complete strangers.

*photo credit: Istimrar Nciit


  1. If only people actually followed this rule...

  2. I kwow too well those feelings.
    What do you do when you learn that your 2years boyfriend was screwing around with one of your closest friend during the whole relationship? How do you react when the guy ends the relationship because of your jealousy over 2 girls: the one with whom is screwing around, and the one with whom he is starting a new not-so faithfull relationship one day after the break-up?
    Needless to say that he never actually told me this and I had to learn the painfull truth from others people.
    I think the most funny part is when he ask me why we did not stay friend after the break-up.

  3. that is insanely awful!!!! I can't believe that happened and the guy thought you would still want to be friends with him, What an ass!

  4. Oh Saaara believe it, it is all true. When it was happening to me, one night I told myself that if I had seen it in a TV series I would not believe it.
    But the truth is French guys can be true ass when they want.