Wednesday, November 21, 2012

pop culture BLOW OFF of the day: I want a fucking car, right fucking now!

It's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving which means (based on our low site traffic) everyone is already en route to their holiday plans. I freaking love thanksgiving, it's hands down my favorite holiday. Think about it:

You don't have to wear some ridiculous costume (ugh, halloween)
You don't have to spend a ton of money buying presents for other people (ugh, Xmas)
You don't have to pretend you LOVE America. (ugh, 4th of July)
You don't have to feel bad about not being in a relationship (ugh, Valentine's Day)
You don't have to cave under the pressure of doing something AWESOME (ugh, New Year's)
You don't have to feel awkward around people with black stuff on their foreheads (ugh, Ash Wednesday)

All you have to do is cook and eat and probably go to the movies. It's the best! The only down side is if you have to travel. This year, we drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco-slash-San Jose to celebrate with my family (we alternate Holidays/families every year. For Christmas, we'll fly to Columbus, OH to be with my in-laws). No matter what your plans are, I think we can all agree that airports EFFING suck over the holidays. So, if you're trapped somewhere-- feeling annoyed with airport employees, then here's a pop culture BLOW OFF to cheer you up. It's been years since I've seen Planes, Trains, and Automobiles-- but I have a feeling it still holds up and that it's way better than the movie Due Date. All hail Steve Martin!  And RIP John Candy!

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  1. LOVE this movie! My Thanks giving tradition is watching this, Uncle Buck, and Scent of a Woman. Safe travels! And what's not to love in SF? :)