Monday, November 5, 2012

The Girls Guide To Dating In Hollywood Part 1: The Actor

Dating in LA is tough.  Everyone knows that.  But you can tell a lot about the person that you're going to date based on their job in the entertainment industry.  So for my inaugural post for The Girls Guide To Dating In Hollywood, I present to you information about dating actors.

When you're a little girl you dream about dating the teen heartthrob of your generation.  But the reality of dating an actor is far less glamorous than the fantasy.  Sure they're good looking, but there's a lot more to them than meets the eye.

The Working Actor
I'm sad to say it, but most of you that live in Hollywood will never date Brad Pitt or George Clooney. First off, they are taken.  And second, there are very few people that ever achieve that level of fame. But you do have good chance of dating a working actor.  Possibly they have a 6 episode arc on Revenge or maybe they have two lines in the new season of Pretty Little Liars.  But here's what happens when you date a working actor.

-Even the littlest bit of fame = girls tweeting them that they want to marry them.
-They are unavailable for almost all of pilot season* (Jan-April)
-Their egos are overly inflated
- You get papped when you haven't been to The Dry Bar for a blowout

There are some upsides as well.
-You get great swag bags when you attend events with your actor beau
-You're invited to all of the hot parties
-They get papped (you can make sure he was actually with the boys on a boys night out)

The Aspiring Actor
Dating an actor that hasn't had their big break is just as tough.  Their life revolves around the industry and they crave attention.  Here's how you know that you are dating an aspiring actor.
-Their Facebook profile picture is their headshot.
-You have to listen to the breakthrough they had in acting class.
-They are probably a waiter, bartender, or valet on the side.
-They always complain that they need/want a different agent.
-They take notes while they watch Inside The Actors Studio

All Actors
And of course, all actors have certain similarities, like these:
-They will inevitably use phrases like "living the dream" and name drop like it's going out of style.
-They spend a lot of time telling you about their gym regimen and fad diet of the moment, or juice cleanse.

If you're still up for an actor you can find them at the hot club of the moment (right now Bootsy Bellows), dining at The Chateau Marmont, or strolling Robertson Blvd waiting to be papped.  Stay tuned for The Girls Guide To Dating In Hollywood Part 2.

*pilot season: the period of time in which networks cast actors for their new TV shows.


  1. Not to offend anyone but I would also just say "DONT DO IT!"


    great entry as always!!!

  2. I love this post! I used to think it would be so dreamy to date an actor when I was a kid and now that I live in LA, I have to admit, it's actually a turn off. and there's no way i could ever date a successful actor. who wants to be left for taylor swift.

  3. This is doubly so for Actresses. 95% of the time Deal breaker.

    1. I'm an actress as well as a writer...and I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with you! Bitches are crazy.