Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the "I finally feel like myself again" BLOW OFF

Have you ever been in a relationship where you try to fit the mold that comes approved by your significant other?  Suddenly, you take on different hobbies, buy new music on iTunes, and dress way more hipster (or way more posh)-- depending on their preferences.  I have, folks.  Not to a crazy extreme, but I've definitely dated guys where I've pretended to like the same things they do-- or never confessed to the fact that I liked certain bands or certain movies-- because I knew my low brow tastes would make me less awesome in their eyes.  In fact, I think one of the reasons things clicked when I started dating my forever guy was that it was okay to admit that I liked Coldplay and because I didn't feel any pressure to dress like a manic pixie dream girl.

The only plus-side to dating guys that made me feel like I had to be a completely different person in order to sustain their interest in me-- was that it felt SO good to going back to being myself once the relationship was over.  It was such a relief to stop exerting all my energy into being too cool for tool.   I could do things like go see Justin Timberlake play at the Roseland Ballroom (2003, it was a good year) without feeling like a dirty little dork in the process.

This is why it gives me so much joy to see pictures of Katie Holmes these days.  As you already know, I had a girl crush on Ms. Joey Potter back in the Dawson's Creek days and I totally related to her single girl in the city life when she dumped Chris Klein and moved to New York.  And then she started dating Tom Cruise and that's when she became completely un-relatable.  But now, I'm so thrilled to see pictures of her looking like she hasn't brushed her hair and just yesterday, pictures of her riding the subway with Princess Suri!  I bet Katie finally feels like herself again.  I mean, remember how Tommy boy insisted on calling her "Kate"?  Ewwww.

Here's Kate:

And here's Katie in recent days:
Yup, the second girl is totally the one that I'd invite to join the book club I'm in.  So, if you're going through a break up...I hope you can at least take some pleasure in feeling like yourself again.  You've heard it here first, it's okay to listen to Coldplay again.

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