Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tinder: An App For Love Or Will It Go Up In Flames?

Call me pretentious (it's not like it hasn't been done before), but I don't do online dating.  Yes, I've seen the commercials.  "The One" may be out there and just a mouse-click away.  I mean hell, if an orgasm and a new pair of Rag & Bone jeans are only a mouse-click away, finding my soulmate online can't be that far off.  But it's just not my thing.

Let me go on the offensive by saying that I do NOT judge anyone that meets online...OK if you met on Ashley Madison I kinda do, but you should probably be keeping that information to yourself regardless.   I have tons of friends who have met online and am even attending a wedding in December for a couple.  I just feel like I, personally, would feel like I have to tell people that I met my boyfriend in line at Starbucks instead of online.  I don't think that it says anything bad about other people, but me with my self-esteem issues, I feel like it says "Hi, I couldn't get a guy in real life to like me so I had to go online and lure him in with a photo of me looking like a Yacht Girl to get a date."  I also need instant chemistry.  Much to many boyfriend's dismay, I'm not good at faking things.  So when I'm not enjoying a person's company, a scowl quickly appears on my face. I've also been on friend's profiles and seen guys that I know in real life and they are totally lying on their dating profile.  I know for a fact these guys are just out for sex.  If I want a one-night stand I'd rather go to a club and meet a hot/dumb as rocks model to bring home to bang. Anyway, I don't do online dating.  I think I made my point.

But the other day I got one of those daily "LA" emails that are intended to keep me on the cutting edge instead of making me feel like I'm in Postcards From The Edge with a full inbox.  So I took a look and it was detailing a new app called Tinder.  Tinder is the newest dating app.  First off, it's free. Check one.  Second, you don't put any personal details on it. Check two.  All you do is link it to your Facebook account- but it only pulls your profile photo, interest, and mutual friends.  It will NEVER post anything to your timeline or wall or whatever the F they are calling it now.

So here's how it works.  It takes your location via your phone's GPS and then pulls up men (or women, like I said I don't judge) close by.  Then you click "like" if you think they are hot or you move forward.  And here's the genius part.  The only way you are matched or even receive a notification is if you both "like" each other.  So you're not putting yourself out there sending some hot stranger a message and then never hear from them again.  You can't even communicate unless the two of you both like each other.  You can also see mutual friends and interests (if you have any).

Don't ask me how this is different from online dating, but it feels different.  It feels like Instagram for sex or something.  I'm trying it out.  So far it's fun but I will keep you guys posted.  Have you guys tried Tinder yet?  Do you think I'm being totes stupid about online dating?  Comment below!

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