Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Dating Resolutions to avoid a BLOW OFF

That time of the year is upon us.  It's time for us to resolve to do everything that we do incorrectly, correctly.  Eat better.  Work out more.  Stop smoking.  Read Jane Austen.  But for 2013 I decided that I'm only making dating resolutions.  I feel like that's the area where I tend to give up on all of the things that I'm supposed to do shortly after I resolve to do them.  Here's my list of dating resolutions for 2013.

Don't Do It For The Story
Half of the time I don't even like what I know I'm about to do.  Before this takes a terrible turn, I'm not insinuating that this resolution is purely sexual.  You go to the after party because so and so will be there. You go on the date with the former reality star.  And then there are the sexual ones which I will leave to your imagination.  When I look back on the stories that I've collected over the years they are rarely worth it.  While some are fun to tell a few weeks after the fact they usually lose their luster because whatever it was, it wasn't something I really wanted to be doing in the first place.  So I'm only going to do things that I actually want to do from now on.

Because You're Worth It
While I know that I'm not the only person that gets depressed over romantic blunders it can sometimes be difficult for us all to remember how fabulous we are.  So I'm going to try to remind myself when that text goes unanswered or my phone isn't ringing that it's their loss.  And that one day I'll meet someone who reminds me how fabulous I am.

I have very mixed feelings about YOLO but we can get into that another time.  I do however feel like it's very appropriate for this list of resolutions.  Less in the "hey, let's finish this bottle of Ciroc," way and more "hey, why don't you give this seemingly nice and normal person a chance."  You only live once and you never know what will become of someone that enters your life whether it be on a romantic or platonic basis.

No More Hook-Ups
Well, let me revise that statement.  No more random hook-ups or no more casual hook-ups.  I'm ready to sell the cow, so no more free milk.  It was really fun and I'm glad that I have a lot of the experience that I have but I think that I'm *gasp* past that stage in my life.  The hook-ups aren't fun.  I want more.  So au revoir to the hot guys in the club or my sexy single male friends!

Do any of you have any dating resolutions for the new year?

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  1. I love all of these! i think another great dating resolution to have is to go outside of your comfort zone at least once during the year. If you're totally opposed to online dating, go on one online date just for shits and giggles. it can be good to have a "nothing to lose" attitude when it comes to going out with someone. Unless of course that person is a serial killer, so stick to daytime dates and very public coffee shops.