Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas pop culture BLOW OFF of the day: Enough, Enough Now

Since we are all busy traveling, Christmas shopping, drinking mulled wine, and stuffing our faces-- we are going to devote this week to Holiday pop culture BLOW OFFs (minus one of my favorite Christmas break up posts for tomorrow).

So, without further adieu, Love, Actually is probably my favorite Christmas movie ever, but I take issue with this scene. Even though it's really romantic and sweet and Keira Knightley smiles really cute, it's all kinds of fucked up! The guy is fully hitting on his best friend's wife. I mean, why does the black guy have to get the shaft here? And why does she have to chase after him and passionately kiss him. Um, this scene should be called "Adultery, Actually." Am I right or am I right? So, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve tonight. But not if you're cheating on your spouse. I hope you people get a bad slice of ham and have the runs all night.

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