Wednesday, December 5, 2012

High school friends, religion, & the BLOW OFF

Prom.  1998.  I"m the girl in the lacy black dress courtesy of Bebe.
During my trip home to the Bay Area over Thanksgiving, I got into a fight with my younger brother (he's almost 24, I'm 32) over the fact that he was making plans with his friends instead of hanging out with the fam.  I told him I couldn't wait until he got to the age where he no longer felt the need to catch up with his high school friends over the holidays.  He seemed surprised that his happens, but somewhere along the way, it definitely happened to me.  Aside from the occasional Facebook exchanges and the bi-annual coffee dates, I would say I'm still super close to only two of my friends from high school, both of which were in my wedding.

I've lost touch with other friends-- some by choice, some by circumstance, and some just because it's hard to stay in contact.  I used to have this attitude that life was too short for friends that you no longer have things in common with.  Or friends that you only keep in your life, because you were close way back when.  I haven't necessarily changed my tune completely BUT a couple weeks ago, I had brunch with one of the girls in the above photo and I realized: I miss my little high school clique.

The girl and I were really close friends in high school.  We went to different colleges, but managed to live together for a summer in Berkeley.  Post-college, we even lived in New York City at the same time and worked for the same company.  I would say our lives officially went their separate ways seven years ago.  I moved to Los Angeles for work and she moved to Montana for work.  The biggest difference was that my work was soap operas and her work was G-O-D.  She works for Potter's Field Ministries and travels to places like Uganda and Cambodia to help the needy and (I'm guessing) spread the gospel.

Did I mention I'm Agnostic?  Needless to say, our very different religious beliefs put a lot of distance between us.  I consider myself an open-minded person, but I've always had a hard time with organized religion and have only been in church like 6 times (four of which were for weddings).  I used to get so annoyed when my friend dropped the Lord bomb in all of our conversations.  But weirdly, the last time we hung out, it didn't bother me as much.  It was more fun to catch each other up on our lives, our families, share photos of our nephews and nieces, and reminisce about our teen years.  Maybe it's a sign of maturity, but just because she hearts Christ and I'm more in the Darwin camp doesn't mean we can't still be friends.  Even if we totally won't see each other in the after life.

What about you guys?  Where do you stand with your old high school crew?  Comment below.  Or just send us your prom pictures.

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