Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Revenge: An encore post

Editor's Note: Merry Christmas everyone!  I thought this post from back in April was apropo for today.  It was written by one of our favorite contributors, I'm Just Sayin' is All  Plus, the original post started a bit of a comment war and you know how much I love those!

I was dating this guy. It was sort of an interim thing, but if you have read any of my previous posts you will get that any one I have ever dated has been the love of my life. At the time. Falling in love has always been the main purpose. And uh oh, here I go on another tangent so back to topic. The revenge BLOW OFF. I was dating him, he was dating me, it was exclusive. No doubts or anything, we had discussed it. It had been about six months even. Friends knew we were together, pets knew we were together, the only thing left was the family introductions and we were even in agreement about that! Just a few more months. The dreaded holidays rolled around. How to do them right?

Ok, I was willing to say I was an adult (early 30's) and that it was just plain time I had a Christmas away from the core parental units without any needed explanation. No need to show up on Christmas day to either of our parental households. Just us. Maybe some wayward friends would show up, but that is where the relationship stood and that was A-OK. Cut to 3 days before Christmas. I've purchased, wrapped, and been excited about every well thought out gift. I've done the food shopping, I've bathed the dogs, I've planned every detail and invited all the significant friends. Then I get a text message. "I can't do this. I'm sorry." Yes, that is all.

No answer to the 1800 times I called immediately following my digestion of the message. No response to the incredulous, then angry, then pleading text messages I sent back. Nothing. Not a damned thing until the next day when I went to his house, used my key, arranged all those wonderful Christmas gifts throughout the living room and his bedroom (no, I'm not fucking nuts, or a stalker, or anything but a poorly dumped girlfriend), and then saw him pull up as I was leaving. I was quite proud of my restraint in not destroying anything he owned. Just left him wonderful, thoughtful gifts and a huge guilt trip and was prepared to leave. It was at this point that the 5 hour pleading (and oh so embarrassing portion) of my day began. The explanation of how we actually do belong together, the coercion, the 'I bought you nice gifts so you have to stick with me for a little while at the very least' argument. I even began to believe myself as time went on. I'm not sure how I managed to pull him back in, but by the end of the 'discussion', I had him apologizing for not giving me a proper chance in the relationship and begging me to give him more time.

By this point my plan was set. I didn't love him, not even a little bit. I just wanted him to love me so I could make him feel as shitty has he made me feel. So I held on. I dragged it out. I made it last until March. Not bad considering by the end of December I couldn't stand the sight of him anymore. Just long enough for him to think he really loved me and that we belonged together forever. Long enough to really enjoy what I could of 'You broke up with me in a text message!'. Long enough to become truly sick of him so that when I dumped him, it didn't hurt me even a tiny bit. Apparently I was only in it for the revenge.

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