Tuesday, December 4, 2012

pop culture BLOW OFF of the day: It's not what you think, it's worse.

Long before I lived in Los Angeles, when Melrose Place was the hot 90210 spin off, I used to fantasize about living in some cool apartment building in LA with a courtyard and a pool and a bunch of guys that all looked like Andrew Shue. But all my attempts at Melrose Place-like living were a major swing and miss.

Case in point #1: York Apartment.  My garden-style building in Berkeley that I lived in while I was in college. It was filled with students and just a few blocks from campus. It was supposed to be the perfect place to meet an artsy co-ed, but it was mostly filled with nerdy computer engineer types.  When one of my besties moved in, it was one step closer to being just like Melrose Place, but then  we had a huge falling out and I had to spend the remainder of my time living there terrified of running into her in the parking garage. Oh, also-- I got robbed during Thanksgiving weekend. All they took was a bunch of DVDs and a bag of change, but it still hurts every time I feel like popping in the movie Singles...only to remember I don't own it anymore.

Case in point #2: East 7th street between avenue B and C.  The tenement building I lived in post-college.  I hooked up with my cute next door neighbor one night and I thought for sure he be the Billy to my Allison, but instead, he barely looked at me again and brought a girl out on our shared fire escape-- WHILE I was sitting on it and talking on the phone, and proceeded to make out with her.  Luckily, he moved out a few months later and a gay guy moved in, who immediately became the Matt to my Rhonda.

Case in point #3: Lucile and Sunset.  My first and only solo living experience in my cute one-bedroom apartment in Silverlake, right by Sunset Junction. It was the closest to Melrose Place I would ever get. But instead of a ton of hot Andrew Shue's, the residents included a really, really old guy with a bad cough and an oxygen tank and a certified psychopath.

But let's be real, Melrose Place was only about twenty-somethings trying to find themselves in the first season. After that, they added Heather Locklear to the cast and just like that it became a full-fledged soap opera. And living in the quaint little apartment building had its draw-backs too.  For instance, having a pool is really cool until you get drunk, hit your head, fall in, and drown.  And if one of your neighbors has an affair with a crazy person, they might show up and blow up the entire apartment complex.  Seriously, this should really go down in history as one of the best season finale cliff-hangers EVER.

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