Monday, December 3, 2012

The Girls Guide To Dating In Hollywood Part 5: Below The Line

For this edition for The Girls Guide To Dating In Hollywood I thought we would explore the people who's names we all see when the credits are rolling but never really pay attention to.  This group of people are referred to in the industry as "Below The Line."  These are the cinematographers, the gaffers, the set designers, the production assistants.  They are all essential to the production of film and television and because there are so many people needed on set for each production the people you are most likely to encounter around town.  So if you want to date one here's what you need to know.

Below The Line

-If they work on a set they work LONG (and odd) hours.  If they are working on a film that has a lot of night shoots they get to work around 5 or 6pm and won't be home until the next morning.  So forget your typical "date night."

-They are part of a team.  They know how to communicate with the other people on set to work as one unit which hopefully means that they carry those skills over into their personal lives.

-They work with their hands.  That one is pretty self-explanatory.  In a non-sexual perk, hopefully they are able to fix things around the house.

- While cinematographers and production designers are on the creative end, the other people that work on set don't expect them to be romeo.  They watch the actors do their thing but are content being in the background.  Don't date one if you're looking for someone to be in the spotlight with. They also aren't earning the same amount as the people "above the line" (actors, director, producer). They make good money and are in unions, but if they work in film the paycheck runs out after the production is done and there can be a lull between projects.  So be prepared for them to have some downtime.

So there you have it.  It's not the most glamorous job in Hollywood, but because they aren't involved in the whole "scene" these guys are a good chance at having a normal (for LA) relationship while still being near all of the glitz.

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