Thursday, December 6, 2012

The " would you dump your boyfriend for me?" BLOW OFF

I've never been one of those girls that's been actively pursued by a guy, so when it does happen, I like to wear it like a badge of honor.  And by badge of honor, I mean write about it on this blog.  This story took place almost six years ago at my sister's wedding.  (Do we all agree that there's something about weddings that make guests mistakenly fall in love with each other?)  Anyway, I was the maid of honor and thanks to my sister's good taste, my bridesmaid dress was actually pretty hot.  I had also gotten my hair and make up done, so I looked a lot better than I do on average.  And for once, I had a plus one to this wedding and a long term boyfriend (!) to bring as my date.  Not to toot my own horn, but I also gave a pretty good maid of honor let's recap, I looked uncharacteristically hot, I had a tall guy on my arm, and was both sentimental and funny while giving a speech.  It was a good night for me.

Among the wedding guests was my sister's best friend's younger brother.  Let's call him...KYLE.   Kyle and I had known each other since seventh grade, mostly because our sisters were friends.  We went to different high schools, but periodically ran into each other over the years and shared a lot of mutual friends.  I always thought he was really cute, but I was kind of like his dorky little sister so there was never any potential for romance.  We hung out more often when we ended up at the same college (until we both ended up transferring)-- he hooked up with a couple of my friends during that time and always referred to me as "cute"-- so again, no potential for romance.  I don't remember the details, but one night my sophomore year in college, we did make out in my twin bed.  Not sure how it happened, but it was all very PG-13 and when I woke up in the morning, he was sleeping on the floor.  So, I repeat: no potential for romance.

When the wedding came around, it had been awhile since we'd seen each other.  He was there with his on again/off again girlfriend and I was there with my tall bf (who, spoiler alert, is now my husband).  Kyle and I had a good time catching up, but I didn't think anything of it.  Until the next day, when he sent me a MySpace message (No, you didn't read that wrong.  MySpace.)  In the message, he admitted to having a crush on me and wanted to know how serious things were with the BF, etc etc.  I told him he had lost his mind and did not have a crush on me and that things were serious.  Over the next month, he sent me a couple letters and mixed CDs, but I told him the timing was wrong and that we were better as friends.

Truth be told, even if I wasn't in a serious relationship, Kyle and I were totally wrong for each other.   Just to give you an example of how different we are: we're Facebook friends and the last thing he posted was about going to a rainbow gathering in Mexico.  The last thing I posted on Facebook was probably a picture of my puppy and a status update about how much I love Homeland or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  The guy is just way too deep for me.  And even though his judgment was seriously clouded by wedding pheromones, I must admit, it was flattering while it lasted.

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