Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weddings = Infidelity?

I'm at that age where I am going to weddings almost every month.  I like dressing up and a free dinner just as much as the next girl.  And yes there is the quintessential "wedding hook up,"but I'd always assumed that all of the people that hook up at weddings are single. Yes, the girls are vulnerable and drunk and depressed that we don't have a man to stand in front of all of their friends and family and profess vows about how wonderful we are and how they don't want to be with anyone one else until death do us part.

I didn't expect the men that go to weddings as guests and have no qualms about cheating on their girlfriends.  You'd think that after a ceremony where two people genuinely promise to spend the rest of their lives together that fidelity wouldn't be thrown out the window so easily.  What is it about being at a wedding that makes these guys want to behave like complete dirtbags?  Is it being in another zip code?  Is it the thrill of being with someone they aren't supposed to?  I haven't figured this one out yet, but I hope that this is one trend that will go out of style in 2013.

Have you ever either cheated on your significant other or cheated with someone else's lover at a wedding?  If so, comment below!

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  1. When did "being in another zip code" qualify as the distance threshold? Not that it makes it all right, but I always thought "time zone" was the standard -- I mean, I go to another zip code for lunch.