Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the "I feel left out" BLOW OFF

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year, but I think one should be to stay away from Facebook.  Lately, all it does is make me feel left out.  Not just because everyone seems to have fabulous social lives-- but before Facebook you didn't really have to know when all your friends or co-workers were hanging out without you.  Now, it's all over my effing newsfeed.  I'm thirty-two and married, but all it takes is five minutes on a social networking site and I suddenly feel like I'm that third grader that didn't get invited to some kid's eighth birthday party.   The other day, my bestie changed her profile pic to one of her and our other bestie and I was like "I feel left out."  What is wrong with me?  Why am I getting more insecure in my thirties?  Everyone lied to me about feeling confident and really knowing yourself at this age.

The worst part is, I don't even want to be at most of these social functions.  I'm at that stage in my life when all I really want to do is cook dinner, sit on the couch with the H bomb and my dog, and catch up on episodes of Revenge.  I mean, don't get me wrong-- I'm not a total loser.  We did manage to go out to dinner on New Year's Eve.  Sure, we made a 630pm reservation, but that way we got home by 9pm to watch Kathy Griffin make Anderson Cooper very uncomfortable.  So, I guess I can't have it both ways.  I can't be the girl that stays in, then gets all upset when she sees pictures of everyone going out and having fun together.  But *sigh* an invitation would still be nice.

And it goes way beyond Facebook.  I live in LA and my parents, siblings, and nephew all live in the Bay Area.  They're always hanging out and calling me on the phone to say "jot kholly" (That's Farsi for "your place is empty.")  And I just, I just, I just FEEL LEFT OUT. 

But this post isn't me being whiny on my blog.  If it sounds like that, well then, you're reading it wrong.  I'm totally not whining.  I'm simply stating the facts, people.  All I can say is thank fucking God there was no Facebook when I was in high school.


  1. you see why I don't have Facebook?!!! But I really wish that I had one, then I could post a picture of us and tag everyone in Bay Area and say " jaatoon khaalie". ;) For what it's worth, I think Bay Area sucks! so BE HAPPY, love

  2. I feel left out when I don't get a lot of texts in a day...especially on the weekend. Feel your pain sister!

  3. I love your line about being lied to re feeling more confident and together the older you are. You are right. That is total bullshit and we tell ourselves this to feel better about aging. You may as well know that now. Not. True.

  4. Totes agree - Facebook fosters phantom envy. Like when I see on Facebook that someone is going to Harvard Law School, I get jealous. Even though I don't want to be a lawyer or live in Boston. I shake my fist at you, Zuckerberg!