Monday, January 21, 2013

the "just kidding, your girlfriend isn't really dead, because she never really existed" BLOW OFF

Sorry to be so late on this post, I know this story is about 5 days old now, but it just seemed too ripe for the BLOW OFF to not write about it.  I don't follow sports very closely and I certainly don't follow college football, but here's the story as I seem to understand it.

Manti Te'o plays football for Notre Dame and in September, his girlfriend of two years died of Leukemia (within six hours of his grandmother's death).  Te'o was lauded for playing in a game shortly thereafter-- he said he was able to play because his girlfriend was with him and that he was coping with her death through the help of her family.  It was basically like one of those sob stories you see in every episode of the American Idol auditions.

And then it recently came out that his girlfriend-- Lennay Kekua-- never existed.  Initially, everyone assumed that Te'o made the whole thing up, but as more details emerged, it seems he was the center of a giant Catfish like hoax.  Basically, he omitted the fact that he had never actually met the girlfriend in question-- but that he was led to believe that she existed.  The whole thing was orchestrated by some guy named Ronaiah who made the whole thing up-- even got some chick to pretend she was Lennay.

One thing is for sure about this whole thing: no one in this story has normal names!

Honestly, I feel super bad for this guy.  I think he was genuinely tricked and just embarrassed to tell anyone that his GF was someone he'd met on the internet and only talked to on the phone.  Am I wrong here?  I know he apparently kept lying about it after he found out about the hoax, but I can't imagine it's easy to say: hey, everybody.  My dead girlfriend wasn't real!  I mean, he claims he would stay on the phone with her all through the night to get her through bouts of illness post-chemo!  He was told my nurses that her breathing picked up when she heard his voice!  She wrote him letters before every game that her twin brother would read to him over the phone!  They "dated" for two years!

Anyway, how pissed would you guys be if you found out you had a fake boyfriend for two years?  And seriously, how many of you would actually call someone your boyfriend or girlfriend if you hadn't even met yet?  This Manti guy plays football for Notre Dame: I'm guessing those football players get a lot of tail. What is he doing with a phone GF who wasn't even real?

If there's one thing I've learned from this saga, it's this: probably about 400 of my Facebook friends are not real people.

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  1. people really need to learn how to lie - keep it simple! your pretend gf can't be in a car accident AND get diagnosed with leukemia in one day. maybe next time manti