Thursday, February 14, 2013

Couples don't care about Valentine's Day

It's the sick truth, you guys.  It seems like Vday purely exists to make single people feel bad about themselves or to give the ladies an excuse to paint the town red.  But couples don't care about Valentine's Day.  Or at least they pretend like they don't care, because let's be real, it would be pathetic if they did.

They probably care about it the first 1-3 years into their relationship.  Especially if they've normally been single on Valentine's Day.  It's like: Yes, finally-- I have someone to celebrate this holiday with.  I mean, the first year Bry and I were dating-- we were in an LDR-- and I shipped him gifts for Valentine's Day.  I don't even recognize that girl anymore.  This year, I got him a card and we're probably going to stay in and catch up on Downton Abbey.   We'll probably put our dog in a red outfit and that will be the highlight of our day.   We were even thinking of doing a group thing with friends, because we don't care that it's Valentine's Day.  Okay, fine.  Last year, we went out to a fancy restaurant.  And a couple years before that I made a chocolate souffle courtesy of Goop, but I'm done with that.  Here's why:

My parents have been married for almost 40 years and they don't give a crap about Valentine's Day.  They never have.  And they're still in love.  They do super romantic cute things for each other, but they've always said that Valentine's Day is the dumbest holiday ever.  I don't think they even get each other cards.  If they did, it would be as a joke. 

So.  I guess what I'm saying is, if you're single don't get all freaked out over the dumbest holiday ever.  And if you're in a couple, try not to be cheesy and make a big deal out of it.  Let's stand in solidarity with our single brothers and sisters.   Unless you're still in years 1-3 of your relationship.  Then by all means, go have a ten course dinner and buy each other extravagant gifts.  You've earned it.

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