Monday, February 25, 2013

it only took seventeen years...

It just occurred to me that the boy I was super duper madly in love with in high school's birthday passed on February 23rd and I didn't even realize it!

I should probably mention that it's been about nine years since I was at all into him, but his birthday has been ingrained in my mind from all the years I did heart him.  It was impossible for my brain to not acknowledge it the day of.  Last year, one of my besties even left me a message the day of his birthday and ended her voice mail with: Oh yeah.  Happy Birthday, J-Dog (that's what we used to call him back in the 90s).  So, it was even ingrained in her mind.

But this year, my mind didn't do the automatic acknowledgement.  So, happy belated birthday J-Dog.  Thank God my years of loving skateboarding stoners are long behind me. 

P.S. the grasshopper is an homage to a poem he wrote in high school called: The Lonely Grasshopper.  Yeah, I had a type.

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