Friday, February 22, 2013

the BLOW OFF variety pack

There are so many posts I want to write today, but I have only fifteen minutes before I have to head to the airport to pick up my brother, so I'm going to have to do a variety pack post to take you guys into the weekend.

#1 RIP Diane Lane and Josh Brolin
After eight years of marriage, Diane Lane and Josh Brolin are calling it quits. Apparently, they've already been separated for months. I hate when celebrities do that! It's like just as I'm processing the break up, they have to tell me it's old news. Per their reps: "They've been separated for several months. This was a hard decision for both of them to make. They were together for 11 years, the relationship just ran its course." Ran its course? Ran its course? I think this is a good thing for Diane. Brolin just seemed like a egotistical douche bag with a violent streak. He's changed since he played Sean Austin's older brother in The Goonies. Diane Lane is smoking hot. I'm sure there are a lot of hot dudes in Hollywood lining up to date her. I think she should go to Italy, buy a villa in Tuscany, and remodel it with her best girlfriends to get over this. And then she should marry Barbara Streisand's son so she can still keep her as a mother-in-law.

#2 How to Feel When Your Ex is Nominated For an Oscar.
side note: i had no idea the cast of Grey's Anatomy was in this.
Read this article right now. This is an epic break up story and I wish we knew Katie Van Syckle so we could have gotten her to write about this on The BLOW OFF. I'm not sure it's kosher to copy and paste this article into our blog, so we'll just link to it. I think you should actually read it while our Song of the Day (Stubborn Love by The Lumineers) plays in the background. Basically, Van Syckle recounts her romance with an independent film producer whose movie is nominated for best picture (It's totally Beasts of the Southern Wild). She moved to New Orleans to be with him during the filming of the movie and that's when their relationship imploded. My favorite passage (Note: captain is the name she uses to refer to her ex):

In interviews, the movie’s director has described the film as a story in which the characters’ actions are driven by emotion rather than logic. Eight minutes into the screening, shrouded in the theater’s darkness, drops poured from my eyes. The tears came in waves. They were for lost love, for our tornado fights, for missing Louisiana, and because the movie was beautiful, brilliant, and perfect.

After the final scenes, when the protagonist faces down her juggernaut, I sat and waited as the credits began to roll. (The Captain always stayed for the credits.) In the far right column, towards the bottom of the acknowledgments, my weird two-part name floated by in all-white caps. It felt like a silent wink, a quiet apology, and a subtle recognition that I’d been there.

#3 Paperman: Oscar nominated short
Now that you are thoroughly depressed about love, cheer yourself up with this beautiful short film from Disney. It'll restore your faith and get you jazzed for the Oscars this Sunday (my favorite holiday of the year!)


  1. First off I know that today's "variety pack" was done of of lack of time but I love it and think you should keep it up.

    I feel like Diane Lane is now living out the life imitating art stage of her life. She's been playing sexually repressed, single women looking for love for about ten years and now she finds herself in the same position. At least she will probably be easy to spot on eHarmony or because her profile will surely include "must love dogs." Okay, terrible joke but I had to.

    And I read Katie Van Syckle's article yesterday and was obsessed. I wish that I'd written it.

  2. Any thoughts on the updates of Demi Moore and Ashton RE: her wanting spousal support? I honestly feel like she needs to LET. IT. Go.