Monday, March 18, 2013

R.I.P. Ryan Seacrest & Julianne Hough

First off, I have to say that my mom sent me a huffpost link that these two broke up.  How cute is that?  She's a great supporter of the BLOW OFF-- and what can I say, we both love American Idol and think Ryan Seacrest is just the greatest.

And that's why I want Ryan to find love and stop being such a workaholic.  But it looks like his two year relationship with Julianne Hough has ended.  Sadness.  I will admit, I got a little less sad about this break-up when I realized that Seacrest is 38 and Hough is 24.  Grossness.

Of course, their split was blamed on their busy schedules.  Here's the deal, celebrities: as long as you want to be famous and make movies and host shows and blah blah blah-- you are always going to be busy.  Get it together.  And if celebs are really so busy, why are there so many pictures of them on vacation and at basketball games?

I wonder if when they broke up, Ryan turned to Julianne and said: Seacrest out.


  1. This actually makes me sad, i thought they would marry. I actually know a guy who said Seacrest out when breaking up with my friend. It would have been bad if he actually was Ryan Seacrest. But he was not

  2. HA! I died laughing at the Seacrest out comment. Am I the only one that wasn't enamored with them as a couple? To me she's a mediocre (at best) reality star turned actress and dating him gave her a bump up to maybe the B-List.

  3. Stop the gay crape. Julianne had career goals too and she doesn't want to compromise. Its easy to say he was too busy. Anyone taking on a relationship with Ryan knows he is carrying on for Dick Clark. Its s big job. If she really loved him she would not have left. She got a lot of press and movies being with him. She doesn't need him anymore. I think Ryan can do better. Team seacrest

  4. Ditto with the Team Seacrest--he can do better!

    Maybe he should learn to be more like Chris O'Donnell and marry outside of the Thirty Mile Zone--Chris's wife is a school teacher and they have been married since 1997 with 5 children, they must be doing something right!!

    saaara--I LOVE the blow-off--the only reason I watch the Bachelor is to read your blogs.

    20 LA Wannabe--Loving your input and take on Why You're not Married Yet--being a single woman in my 30s--I can definitely relate.

    1. Thanks Tawnya! So glad you're enjoying :)

    2. awww! So cool! Thanks Tawnya! Keep reading! xoxo