Thursday, March 14, 2013

the Norwegian BLOW OFF

The coolest thing about having a blog is when you find out that a girl that lives in NORWAY reads it.  We got this great guest post from our loyal reader, French Cheese and we're excited to share it with you.  French Cheese grew up in France, but currently lives in Norway-- and apparently there are a lot of differences between French women and Norwegian women.

I might be down with the way things work in Norway.  From French Cheese:

So, I am French but 6 years ago after graduating and a bad break-up (another story maybe), I decided to seek a job somewhere else. I find my dream job in Norway (it is not the capital of Sweden).
While being adventurous, I was also afraid of not being able to adapt to a new culture.  So, I was really happy to arrive in Norway since it is only a 3h flight from Paris (where I am from). As it's still Europe, it should not be that different.  That's where I was wrong.

Norway is very different from France in so many ways that I stopped count after 2 weeks. And even today,  my second time living here, I am still surprised by them.  But let's go back 6 years ago. When I arrived, I met some young French people and some Norwegian ones. I decided to try to be friends with the Norwegian ones to understand them better.  So after 6 months of hard work with 2 girls to earn their friendship, I was invited to one of their famous Friday night parties.

Let me explain something quickly, Norwegians are very laid back people, very calm during the week. They don't scream at each other, they don't complain about the bad weather, they don't speed while driving...But Friday and Saturday nights are different. Everything is possible, everyone gets drunk, they sing on bus, they dance in the streets...And of course with booze they have a lot of one night stands (but they don't judge on Monday morning, so that's ok, not that I know anything about that:-)

So let's got back to the party, after a small aperitif in my house (just between girls, Norwegian way), we met the guys at a bar downtown.  Helped by booze, I am able to talk to a nice guy (a friend of my friends). Yeah, because in Norway it is the girl that makes the first move. So, I did my best to respect Norwegian tradition.  Lucky for me the guy was single! We talk for most of the party.  We decide at the end of the night to see each other again, but nothing more. Actually the guy was nice and I was more interested in him more than just for a one night stand.

Later that week, I had to make the first move again by calling him to ask him out. We end up going to a movie.  I had to pay for my popcorn and my ticket, but that is what sex equality is about, I should not complain.  Days later after not hearing from him, I had to ask for a new date. This time we went for a drink (that I also paid for).  The day after he sent me a text and told me that I was not what he needed.  And I totally understood what he meant by that.  I am not a regular Norwegian girl, and I don't need to make the decisions all the time.  I don't want to have to plan each date and call each time to ask the guy out.

My conclusion of this really long story is that even if I was willing to "be part of Norwegian society", there will always be part of me that is too French for them.  But that's OK, Norway is a beautiful country and if you give them time people are very very nice. And their parties are still crazy.
And anyway 5 years later, I am back in Norway and I am still looking for a Norwegian guy who can deal with my mostly French sides.

Editor's note: I asked French Cheese to tell us a few other ways French women are different from Norwegian women.  She told me that not only do women in Norway make the first move, but they also get married and have kids very young (usually in their early 20s, while they're still in college.  It's easy to have kids this young in Norway, because the government pays for everything.)  But she also told me that by the time women hit their thirties, they decide to change everything and leave their husbands.  Which is why Norway has the highest divorce rate

Check out this awesome video French Cheese sent us.  According to this, Norway also has the  highest one night stand rate in Europe!  For more international dating stories, check out this post from Ad Nauseum.


  1. Finally the day has come! I am so happy to see the story on the site.
    I think everybody should look at the video: it is the best summary of Norway (done and approved by Norwegian).
    And if anyone has a question about Norwegian boys or girls, I may be able to answer them.

  2. Love the video! Agree that everyone should watch it. Thanks FrenchCheese! Good luck finding a great Norwegian guy that won't be afraid to make the first move!

  3. Amazing share... Thank you!