Friday, April 19, 2013

BLOW OFF song of the day: New Lover by Josh Ritter

Listening to Josh Ritter always reminds me of living in New York in my early twenties. That was a period in my life I will always look back on fondly. I haven't listened to his music in awhile, but he has a new album out and this track is the perfect sad nostalgic break-up song.  Plus, the lyrics video is the greatest.

I can't pretend that all is well, it's like I'm haunted by a ghost
There are times I cannot speak your name for the catchin' in my throat,
There are things I will not sing for the sting of sour notes.

I feel like a miser, I feel low and mean
For accusing you of stealin' what I offered you for free.
Still it baffles the belief sometimes what thieves we lovers be.

I don't know who you're with these days, might be with someone new
And if you are, I hope he treats you like a lover ought to do.
But whoever makes you happy, it don't really matter who
I've got a new lover now, I hope you've got a lover too.
-Josh Ritter, 2013

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