Friday, April 26, 2013

Four Things Friday: Silver Lake Edition

Clover, Broome St. General Store, Silver Lake Wine, Nail Station
Just a few months ago, the H Bomb and I ditched our apartment in Mid-Wilshire for a house in Silver Lake.  I lived here when I first moved to LA and it's been so fun getting reacquainted with my old stomping grounds after a four year hiatus.   Even if they still don't have a good sushi restaurant on this part of town.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Los Angeles: Silver Lake is a neighborhood just east of Hollywood and is considered the more artsy/hipster part of town.  Think the Mission in SF or Williamsburg in Brooklyn.  Honestly, I still don't even know if it's Silver Lake or Silverlake, everyone seems to spell it differently, but whatevs.  So, for this week's FOUR THINGS, here are some of my favorite local spots in my new hood.

Clover (2756 Rowena Avenue, LA 90039)
I'm a big believer in retail therapy.  I don't care if it makes me materialistic.  Buying new things makes me happy.  I always think how much fun celebrities must have filling the void post-break up by just spending shitloads of money.  Anyway, Clover is one of my favorite stores to go into when I need a little pick me up.  It definitely has a boutique feel to it, but without the super expensive prices.  Here are a couple of things I've purchased from there recently.
Ladybug ring for me, Socks for the H-Bomb
Broome Street General Store (2912 Rowena Avenue, LA 90026)
Every writer needs a good cafe to work in and I fell in love with this place after my friend Jihan told me about it.  It is truly a hidden gem.  It's got an adorable outdoor patio and their coffee is great.  I've recently realized that caffeine gives me major anxiety and Broome Street is the only place I've found that has a decaf cold brew (most places just pour hot decaf over ice, oh hell no.)  Plus, they have an adorable store full of (expensive) tchotchkes.  If you are single, this is exactly the kind of place you want to go to sip cappuccino and strike up a conversation with that hot boy reading the latest Dave Eggers.
Silverlake Wine (2395 Glendale Boulevard, LA 90039)
This place has an array of wines and hard liquor, but what's even more awesome about them is that every Monday and Thursday nights, they do wine flights (3 tastes for only $12).  Their wine tastings have long been one of my fave ways to catch up with my girlfriends, BUT if you are single, I also highly recommend becoming a regular here.  The people that go are generally looking to mingle.  Plus: meeting someone at a wine tasting is totally not the same as meeting someone in a bar, am I right or am I right?  And if you are dating someone and meeting their parents for the first time, this is a great spot to take them to.  Lastly, the staff here is super nice.
Nail Station (3038 Rowena Avenue, LA 90039)
Getting a pedicure gives me the same sense of satisfaction as making my bed.  It makes me feel like I have my shit together.  And pampering yourself is a must if you are going through a break-up.  Nail Station is a bit divey, but the prices are ridiculously affordable.  A mani/pedi is only $22!  A pedicure on its own is only $14!  The ladies of Nail Station are always nice and they let me skip the foot scrub since it tickles the heck out of me.  And even though it's nothing fancy (and admittedly, some of the Yelp reviews are mixed), you will have the occasional celebrity sighting here (I've seen Christina Ricci and Laura Prepon a couple of times.)  P.S. I think boys should get regular pedicures too.

So, there you go.  The four post-break up essentials: clothing, coffee, wine, and pedicures.  Plus, you never know what kind of people you'll meet by branching out into a new neighborhood for the weekend...


  1. Even if they still don't have a good sushi restaurant on this part of town

    Saito Sushi, in the ugly orange minimall at Fountain. Haven't been, but I'm told it's the kind of place you go to, tell them to give you whatever's fresh, and try not to look at the bill.

    Koda has a nice happy hour, but is not in Little Tokyo's class. (But also -- it's not very far to Little Tokyo. I go to Hama on 2nd street.)

  2. Saito Sushi sounds like my cup of tea! Thanks for the rec, will definitely try it. haven't been to Koda since maybe five years ago, around when it first opened and was never blown away by it. Maybe I'll give it another chance. I'm spoiled by Haru's on San Vicente. highly recommend if you guys ever find yourselves on that side of town.