Friday, April 12, 2013

Four Things Friday

Tegan and Sara's new album, veggie enchilada casserole, crap shooter, heart earrings
Guys, a crazy thing happened.  Remember last week when I said we would do four things we hate this week?  Well, I couldn't come up with four.  In fact, the only suitable thing I could really come up with was Facebook PDA.  Really, any kind of PDA.  I'm taking this as a sign that I'm becoming a more positive person, so let's stick with things we love...until I become bitter and cynical again.

So, now that I've gotten that off my are four things I love this week:
 Tegan and Sara's New Album: Heartthrob
I like Tegan and Sara because their songs are super catchy and even when they're about break ups, they still make me happy.  It's the kind of music you can have a dance party to in your car which comes in handy when you live in LA and are in your car all the time.  Also, you still get some hipster indie cred by listening to them.  They are playing Coachella tonight, but if you are like me and get agitata just thinking about a musical festival in the desert, then you can buy their album and listen to it in the comforts of your own air-conditioning.  The above video is the song you've probably been hearing on the radio or in spin class, but to hear my fave track on their album, check out our song of the day.  Totally had a dance party to it with my bro in my car.

the ingredients
the final product: tastes better than it looks!

Veggie Enchilada Casserole
This has become my go-to recipe when I'm having friends over for dinner or just when the H-bomb and I want some comfort food that's not terribly unhealthy (okay, it's a little unhealthy.)  But it is vegetarian and it is gluten-free and if you substitute soy cheese, you can make it vegan too.  Single guys and gals, this is the perfect recipe if you want to cook for someone you are dating, but you don't want to come on too strong with something overly fancy like diver scallops.  Also, a tip in Tracy McMillan's book on getting married was to be nice to dudes by cooking for them once in awhile.  (STOP THE PRESSES.  Men like women who cook for them?!  This changes everything!)  Anyway,  here's the recipe.  I made it last night for my girlfriends and I would recommend adding salt.

Crap Shooter
Okay, this is kind of gross and I realize girls aren't supposed to talk about farts or poop according to NBC's latest reality show Ready For Love...but the crap shooter is pretty amazing.  And it might come in handy after eating the above casserole.  Okay, now I'm grossing myself out.  Anyway, I bought the crap shooter as a gag Christmas gift for my husband last year, but it's pretty genius.  Basically, you spritz it in the toilet a couple times before you do your bidness and the bathroom doesn't smell.  Genius.  And, the packaging is super cute.  If you are just moving in with your significant other, I highly recommend purchasing the crap shooter in bulk.  Cause no matter how comfortable you are with each other, you still don't want to smell each other's poop. Uh-ma-God, that should be their slogan.  Just call me Peggy Olson!  Get your very own crap shooter here.

Gold Heart Earrings: 
I borrowed these gold Marc Jacob's earrings from my sister last time I was in the Bay Area and I'm kind of obsessed with them.   They are simple and yet they say: I'm a girl and I like hearts.  There's something about them that makes me feel like I'm this bundle of positivity when I wear them (which even though I'm really not, that's the kind of image I'd like to project to others.)  Plus, it's nice to wear something borrowed from loved ones, because it reminds you of them.  And that reminds you that no matter what you're going through, you are loved. But for me, it's also a reminder of what a tragedy it is that my sister and I don't live in the same city, because wow-- we could like double our closets.  Love you, sister.

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  1. Love you too! And I think of you every time I use my crap shooter! xoxo.