Friday, April 19, 2013

Four Things Friday

Toffee, Rockin' Model Work Out, Stila Eye Make-Up, Troop Beverly Hills
When Saaara asked me to participate in her new Four Things Friday post I immediately knew that I'd have trouble narrowing my choices down.  What are four things that help me get through a break up? Well, I figured that booze would be obvious so although I love my vodka sodas and champagne I eliminated all of those choices.  I decided that instead of going the Debbie Downer route I'd choose four things that were all positive and forgo revealing my self-destructive post-relationship habits.  So here's my first list for Four Things Friday.  Enjoy!

The Toffee Twins
I reach for food when I'm happy and I reach for even more food when I'm going through the emotional turmoil of a break up.  And there are only two things I want, sugar and carbs.  Toffee combines those two comforts perfectly and I have yet to find any toffee better than The Toffee Twins. Their original flavor is addicting but they also offer unique combinations like milk chocolate potato chip, s'mores, pretzel coconut, and Oreo.  This is the perfect treat to munch on while listening to Alanis Morisette's "You Oughta Know" on repeat.  People say that there are plenty of fish in the sea and thankfully there are plenty of toffee flavors to match each stage of grieving the loss of a relationship. There may not be a cure for a broken heart, but The Toffee Twins certainly helps expedited the mending process.
The Rockin' Model Workout
After the initial shock and binge eating subside, it dawns on me that it's time to get my body back in shape now that I'm back on the market.  I've never found a workout that I love as much or that's more effective as The Rockin Model Workout.  I'm literally obsessed.  Like, I pout if I have to miss a class. Forget all of those barre classes, this is the real deal.  Grace Lazenby's Rockin Model Workout is a mixture of yoga, core, and strength training that was developed to lean out all of your muscles. Instead of burning fat, she calls it shifting.  Grace is informative and inspiring and her sixty minute class flies by.  If you're a Los Angeles local she teaches at Equinox in West Hollywood and Santa Monica, but if not no worries.  You can purchase her DVD here.
Stila In The Light Eye Palette
I'm clueless with makeup. I've watched YouTube videos and read tutorials but nothing seems to improve my skills.  I need great products that are easy to use for those girls nights when we are out trying to meet guys.  I love the colors in this palette.  They go with any outfit and work for any occasion.  Plus it comes with a small instruction manual that I can actually follow.  They say that men notice women's eyes before anything else and this palette will make sure your eyes are enticing to all potential suitors.
Troop Beverly Hills
While it may be slightly shallow, I've always wanted to grow up to be Phyllis Nefler.  Is there any film character that's as iconic that's handled a break up better?  In the midst of her "messy" divorce she decides to keep herself occupied and spend more time with her daughter by becoming the leader of her Wilderness Girls troop.  While she's off to a rocky start with the disenchanted troop members and the hoighty toighty memebers of the the organization that don't approve of Nefler's modified Beverly Hills versions of required activities. She bonds with her daughter, proves her naysayers wrong and improves the lives of the girls in her troop AND her own.  Everyone takes notice, even her soon-to-be ex-husband.  This may not be a story of rags-to-riches but it's a tale that takes us from self-involvement to self-empowerment, with fabulous fashions to boot.



  1. omg, troop beverly hills is the best movie ever. I'm actually stunned that they haven't tried to remake it. and i'm totally ordering some of those toffee twins toffees!

  2. SHHH!!! Don't give anyone any ideas. While half of me cringes at the idea of a remake, the other half of me hopes that I will have enough projects under my belt to write, produce and star in it. Hmmm....Saaara, maybe we should write this one together and save it for when I'm a few years older. And we can get Shelley Long to play the Velda Plendor part. You know Hollywood loves nothing more than some good stunt casting.

    1. Yes! We must protect this franchise before Katherine Heigl takes it over!

    2. And I'm serious I think WE should write it :)