Friday, April 5, 2013

Four Things I love

love notes, spring breakers. favorite mug, favorite pug
So...some super cool blogs out there like Hello, Giggles and Cupcakes and Cashmere do a regular weekly post called "five things" where they curate five random things they are really loving that week.

We are going to copy them. BUT...we're going to get a little crazy with it and do FOUR THINGS.   Because really, who has the time to come up with five things every week that they like?  With that in mind, some weeks-- we're gonna get even more crazy and do FOUR THINGS we hate.  After all, this is a break-up blog and we can't be all upbeat and cheery all the time.  But let's kick things off on a positive note:

150 Love Notes from Paper Source
We spend so much of our lives wanting to get into a relationship-- that once we're in one, it's easy to take it for granted.  I'm definitely guilty of that.  So, in my effort to be a more thoughtful partner, I picked up 150 Love Notes from Paper Source.  These notes are adorable and I know the H bomb appreciates it when I randomly leave one for him. And not all of the notes are lovey dovey, so you can leave them for friends and family too! Hoping they will do 150 hate notes too for all those people in our lives we can't stand.
My Umamimart Mug
This is my favorite mug.  I not only love it cause of the awesome design and functionality, but more importantly, I love it because it all started with my friend's blog.  My bestie Kayoko (who used to contribute to this blog under Single Asian Female.  She's still Asian, just not single anymore) created Umamimart in 2007.  What started out as a small food blog now has contributors from all over the world.  Wait, it gets better.  Last year, she and her business partner Yoko opened their very own Umamimart brick + mortar store in Downtown Oakland.  So, this is more than a mug.  It's inspiration.  And a reminder that I have awesome friends.  Which is a total ego boost.  Get your very own Umamimart mug here.

My Dog
This is my pug Mabel.  I've had her for a year and a half and we've been through a lot together.  I used to think people that were obsessed with their pets were weird, but now I totally get it.  Animals give unconditional love.  They let you cuddle with them ALL the time.  You don't have to worry about them not calling you or never asking you out again.  Sure, they may pee on your bed when they're mad at you, but that's why we have dry cleaners. If you are single, I highly recommend at least borrowing a dog for a couple days.  You will get a date, I promise.  It's crazy how many people you meet when you're regularly walking a dog.   In fact, one neighbor who I got to know through our dogs introduced me to 20 LA Wannabe and Sammi Robin who have shared many a break up story with you folks.  We have Mabel and Clooney to thank for that.

Spring Breakers
If a Sofia Coppola movie and a John Singleton movie had sex and had a baby, that baby would be Spring Breakers.  Last week, I treated myself to a solo movie date and even though I was thoroughly disturbed at times, I kind of loved every minute of it.  It's artsy and shocking and maybe a little racist and misogynistic, but whatevs.  James Franco has cornrows.  What more could you want in life?  Also: best use of a Britney Spears song ever (see our song of the day at noon).  If you need a 90 minute break from your break-up, go see it.

Hope you guys like our new column!  Comment below with anything you love!


  1. OH MY GOD!!! I am so honored that our mug made it onto this exclusive list!!!! YOU are my inspiration!!! The relaunch is incredible, congratulations! LOVE YOU!

  2. aww, Clooney loves the shoutout! Miss having you guys as neighbors; we have to plan a ZoomRoom date :)

  3. Yes, definitely a zoom room date soon! Mabel would love that, she's scared of all the dogs in our new hood :)

  4. I would like to borrow Mabel and get that date. Actually I just want to borrow Mabel for her cuteness.

    1. You can totally borrow her any time. She charges by the hour though. She's such a slut! But for you, Mary Jeanne, she's free!