Monday, April 29, 2013

the psycho bride BLOW OFF

If any of you out there are parents of young girls, please don't let them grow up to be that form of female who says she's been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. Yes, if you have a vagina, you have probably day-dreamed once or twice about what your wedding would be like and who you'll end up marrying, etc. I would say that's normal. If you've also designed your dress, picked out the flowers, know your colors, and the look & feel of your wedding...and you're not even engaged yet, then I'm sorry to break this to you, but you're straight up cray-cray.

Full disclosure: a couple weeks before the H-Bomb popped the question, I did peruse wedding venues on the internet just out of curiosity-- but in my defense, we had been dating for five years and this was the first time in our relationship I'd ever done a wedding-related Google search.  I would say that's pretty low on the psycho bride spectrum.  I didn't even know weddings had a look and feel until my wedding planner asked me what we wanted the look and feel of our wedding to be.  On the opposite side of the psycho bride spectrum,  I've heard stories of girls who have booked their wedding venues and/or bought their wedding dress, before they were engaged and it just seems very unnecessary to me. Even if you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're going to get engaged soon...can't you just wait until the deed is done?  Wedding planning has its moments, but it's also stressful and overwhelming.  In fact, the best part of being engaged is the grace period before you start planning a wedding.

I'm worried about the ladies in the below video.  Not only because they have their entire wedding planned...pre-engagement, but because they've now exposed this dirty little secret to the whole world.  I can't imagine their boyfriends find it cute and charming.  They are probably very scared.  And if it doesn't work out with their current significant others, then this clip is seriously going to drive away any dude that they date next.  I'll be the first to admit that I had many wedding planning freak-outs along the way and that I got caught up in the whole planning process-- and because of that,  I can't help but feel that if all of us ladies (engaged, not engaged, whatever) put as much energy into planning out our dream jobs on Pinterest instead of our future weddings, then we'd rule the motherfucking world.
 Thanks to our loyal reader Leticia for sending us this video! 


  1. That kind of behavior is legit crazy. Interestingly, all of these women have been with their partner for over 5 years, with no engagement. I'd think that planning like this pre-engagement will scare the guys off, and may be part of the reason they are not engaged yet! Don't even get me started on women who do this and don't even have a boyfriend. That's a whole other level of cray-cray.

  2. Yes! And I have to wonder-- were these chicks acting this way a year into the relationship? Or did the crazy start coming out once they got really anxious about not being proposed to?