Friday, May 24, 2013

Four Things Friday: Hometown Edition

airport bars, Enoteca in Los Gatos, home cooked meal, my nephew
Have you ever had one of those months where all you want to do is crawl under the covers, pull down the blinds, and listen to Everybody Hurts on repeat?  I just had that month.  Which is why I decided to buy a ticket home and surprise my family with a visit.  I find that there's no better remedy for an emotional meltdown than going back to the hometown.  For me, that's San Jose, CA.  I haven't lived there since the summer after my freshman year of college which was (holy fucking shit) twelve years ago.  So, after a sprained ankle, massive food poisoning, an allergic reaction to a bee sting, terrible laryngitis before a very important job interview, and still remaining jobless, it was time to go to The Ho as I affectionately call it.  Hopefully a weekend away will help me get out of my funk.

Airport Bars
Airport bars are my favorite part of traveling, not so much because I'm a lush, but because flying makes me nervous and I need a little liquid courage to survive.  Luckily, flight time from Burbank to San Jose is only about fifty minutes.   The Brit, pictured above, is my fave airport bar in the newly pimped out San Jose Airport.  I get a little too excited when the bar is directly across from my gate, because then I can take my time sipping that mimosa.  Plus, I just love the people watching and striking up conversations with fellow travelers. 
Wine & Girl Time (Enoteca La Storia)
I suppose these are two favorite things, but I couldn't just pick one.  I'm lucky to have a bunch of amazing lady cousins that live in the Bay Area.  Wednesday night, my sister and I had drinks and dinner with two of them: Mitra (far left) and Neda (second from left).  They always know the best new spots to go to in the Silicon Valley-- which continues to get cooler and cooler in my humble opinion.  We opted to have dinner in Los Gatos, which is a posh little city near San Jose.  (The Silicon Valley is made up of a bunch of different cities that basically feel like the same giant one).  We started the evening out with a glass of wine at Enoteca La Storia (a very cool wine bar, 416 North Santa Cruz Avenue Los Gatos, California 95030 ) and then went to Katsu for a sushi dinner.  Both spots were great.  Dislaimer: I look like crap in the picture above (far right), but like I said, it's been a rough month.  My sister (second from right), on the other hand, had a baby three weeks ago.  Amazing.
Home Cooked Food
My mom is an amazing cook.  I know everyone thinks their moms are amazing cooks-- but how many can say their moms can cook amazing Persian food AND all kinds of American food?  My mom can.  Even though LA has a ton of good Persian food, it still doesn't compare to a home cooked meal.  Last night, we ate Khoresh-e Gheymeh with Tah-Deeg.  That's a beef stew with yellow split peas and a side of crunchy rice.  As a bonus, the beef stew comes topped with french fries!  You can find the recipe here.  My goal this year is to learn to cook Persian food and I'm going to start with this dish.
My adorable nephew
A big reason for my trip out to San Jose was to meet my new niece, but I've also gotten to spend a lot of quality time with her older brother and my nephew Maz.  The best part of this trip so far and something that completely lifted my spirits was that Maz has been calling me by my name for the first time!  Before this trip, he always called me Bi-Bo which is also what he calls my dog.  Be still my heart.

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend and that if any of you are in a funk too, you find a way to get out of it! 


  1. The only my mom can't do is cook Persian food... such a tragey :)

  2. Youre the awesomest San Joser to grace the internet. Watch out for the inversion layer.