Friday, May 3, 2013

Four Things Friday

banana bundt cake, Q & A book, Birchbox, Mood Indigo Trailer 
It's a brand new edition of four things Friday with a few ideas to help you get through that break-up or relationship rut.  If none of these things make you feel better, then click here to watch Reese Witherspoon get arrested.  Cause sometimes you need a little schadenfreude to help you cope with the crappy things that are going on in your life and what's not to love about an actress playing the "you're about to find out who I am" card?  Anyway, enough negativity.  Here are four things I'm into right now.

Banana Bundt Cake
I know it is the world's biggest cliche, but I find baking therapeutic.   Don't get me wrong, I hate how every heroine in every romantic comedy dreams of owning a bakery.  Or that young Hollywood starlets (Blake Lively, Emma Stone) always talk about how much they love baking in every god damn interview.  Apparently, Blake Lively doesn't even follow recipes because that's how good she is. Suck it, Lively.  Anyway.  I love banana bundt cake, because it seems fancier than banana bread, even though the real only difference is the cake mold.  Plus, I always feel guilty throwing away food, but when I have bananas that are way too ripe, I can use them for cake instead of tossing them.  Click here for the super easy recipe.  I like to add about 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to give it a little extra flavor.  So, if you've got that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach, what better way to fill it than with cake! 
The Q & A a Day book
I kept a diary from the age of ten to twenty-one and then I just couldn't keep up with it anymore.  The more I got into writing fiction, the less time I had to recount the events of my life.  I love the Q & A a day book because the time commitment is so minimal.  And it's a five year journal, so you can see how your answers to the same questions have changed over the years.  If you're single or recently got out of a relationship, this is a simple way to put the focus back on getting to know yourself.  If you are in a relationship and you feel like you and your sig other talk about the same shit over and over again, then this is a good conversation starter.  I actually gave it to the H-Bomb as a first anniversary gift. Full disclosure: we try to answer a question every night, but sometimes it's sparked arguments when I think he's phoning his answers in.  Here is just one brilliant example from the book: February 21st, what is the current buzzword?  Him: Harlem Shake.  Me: I can't think of one.  So...guess I'm the one phoning it in sometimes too.  Click here to purchase your Q & A book.

I first heard about Birchbox from GOOP.  Yes, I read GOOP.  I'm so ashamed.  Most of you ladies have probably heard of it, but in case you haven't, here's how it works.  For ten dollars a month, you get a Birchbox delivered to you with a bunch of different make up samples.  And sometimes you even get a bonus piece of chocolate or some tea.  You can fill out a form on their website to help them gear the products towards your needs.  It's introduced me to a lot of cool brands and some of their sample sizes are legit. I also love it, because it's always fun to get a package in the mail and it makes me feel like I'm pampering myself.   There's no harm in treating ourselves, instead of waiting for other people to do it.  Last month I got under-eye cream (God knows I need it), perfume, lipstick, loose leaf tea, and hair therapy oil.  Good times!  Order your Birchbox here. 

Mood Indigo Trailer
I have been a trailer junkie since I was a little kid.  To this day, I kind of lose my mind if I go to a movie late and miss any of the trailers.  The trailer for the French film Mood Indigo is my recent favorite.  Not to mention it's directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine forever, even if all his other movies have sucked...) and stars French hottie Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou (one of my longtime girl crushes).  The trailer pulls at all the heart strings and has a ton of whimsical fairy-tale visual effects.  The story takes from the conceit of films like Dying Young and Love Story, but with a quirky twist.  Sadly, the film reviews are mixed, but I don't care.  The trailer makes me want to pretend I'm a hopeless romantic.  So, if you need a two minute pick me up and the Reese Witherspoon arrest didn't do it for you, then click below.



  1. making the banana bundt cake tomorrow for a dinner party! but adding chocolate chips... obv

  2. I feel so honored! yes, chocolate chips are a must. I'm tempted to try peanut butter chips too since banana and PB go so well together.