Friday, May 17, 2013

Four Things Friday

oatmeal cookies, Vampire Weekend, The Night Circus, The Goodwin Games
Welcome to another installment of Four Things Friday!  I've been thick in the middle of staffing season the last couple of weeks.  For those of you that don't know, that's the time of year when new TV shows that have been picked up by the networks start hiring their writers.  My favorite part of the whole thing is getting to meet with various writers, producers, and executives, but the most stressful part is wondering if you'll be offered a job at any point.  It can be very anxiety inducing...sort of like dating someone and wondering if they'll ever make you their girlfriend.  So, this week, here are four things that have helped get my mind off of the whole agonizing process.  I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend, filled with zero BLOW OFFS.

Homemade Oatmeal Cookies
Comfort food is probably going to be a staple of Four Things Friday and I've certainly needed as much of it as I could get this week.  But I've also been a little freaked out by all the talk of how bad processed food is and I'm trying make more things to eat from scratch.  So, I've decided to start baking cookies more often instead of buying them packaged.  It's actually not all that time consuming.  This batch of a dozen cookies took about twenty minutes to prep, and only ten minutes to bake.  And I had a ton of cookie dough to freeze and use later.  I use the Vanishing Oatmeal Cookie recipe inside the lid of the Quaker Oats container (I'm sure there's some processing with these oats, but oh well).  You can find that recipe here, but I skip the raisins.  Raisins in cookies is truly a travesty.  Especially when you think they're chocolate chips.  Unfortunately, these cookies came out way too flat.  I think it's because our Baking Soda was a little old (even though I did the vinegar test) and because I used a little too much butter.  But they still taste good.  Just make sure not to use Steel Cut Oats cause that shit don't work.  Next on my list to avoid processed foods is a bread maker and an ice cream maker.  I'm gonna get faaaaat!
Modern Vampires
The latest Vampire Weekend album came out on Monday!  It's rare these days to find an album you want to listen to from beginning to end, but I seriously like every single song and have been listening to it non-stop since I downloaded it.  It's the kind of music that instantly puts you in a good mood.  I think my fave tracks are Step (today's song of the day at noon!), Worship, and Ya Hey.  If they weren't already cool enough, my brother sent me this article in The New Yorker about Rostam Batmanglij's mom.  I had no idea one of their members was Iranian (we're homies!)  I loved what his mom Najmieh says in the article about people seeking out their culture more once they are in their thirties.  So true.  I'm definitely buying Najmieh's cook book and making it a goal to cook every recipe in it by 2014.  Anyway, if you're going through a break up and are tired of listening to Portishead, Modern Vampires is the perfect album to cheer you up and get you back in the game.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
I just started reading this book last week and while I'm not that far along I'm already really into it.  My cousin Mitra recommended it to me for the longest time and now we're reading it in the book club that I'm in.  It's a love story set to the backdrop of a magical circus.  I have a tendency to let my mind wander while I read, but so far this book has me completely absorbed.  It's providing much needed escapism.  If you're a girl and going through a break up, I also highly recommend getting some friends together to form a book club.  We meet about once a month, talk about the book for ten minutes, and then get our Mimosas on.  It's the best form of therapy.   Order your copy here.
The Goodwin Games
Remember back in November when I wrote that post about losing my dream job as a staff writer on The Goodwin Games?  I didn't get fired, but production ended before we expected.  Well, guess what?  All the episodes we worked on are finally airing!  You can watch the very first episode the series right below!  Or if you'd rather wait and watch it on a larger screen, you can tune into FOX on Mondays at 830pm starting this coming Monday!  This show has a lot of BLOW OFFs in it-- mainly the fact that Benjamin Goodwin (played by Beau Bridges) blew off his kids for most of their childhood.  But one of my favorite storylines involves Scott Foley's character and his ex-girlfriend Lucinda.  In episode six, they have an epic break up talk which I will totally be posting as a pop culture BLOW OFF as soon as it airs.  Make sure to stay tuned to the end credits to see my name under "staff writer".   Technically, it's really under "Brian McElhany". 

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