Wednesday, June 26, 2013

pop culture BLOW OFF of the day: we'd be miserable, wouldn't we?

For those of you crazy kids that haven't tuned into The Goodwin Games, I've been waiting to post this scene the first time I read it in a script.  It kind of ties back to our post yesterday about closure.  Here's the back story:

Henry and Lucinda were high school sweethearts who dated all the way through medical school until Lucinda dropped out to become a minister.  Henry broke up with her because "long distance is hard".  In this episode, Lucinda learns that he had a whole break up speech planned that he never managed to say.  After he accidentally sends her a naked picture of himself (meant for his fiancĂ©e) Lucinda tells him she won't delete the photo until she hears the break-up speech.

This is Scott Foley truly at his best.  There's one more episode left of The Goodwin Games airing Monday, July 1st at 830PM on FOX.  But you can also catch all seven episodes on Hulu.

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