Friday, July 12, 2013

Four Things Friday

I Forgot to be Famous, Voli vodka, Rent the Runway, Wakaya Ginger
Break-ups suck.  I don't think anyone will debate that fact.  But I've found some things that will help make you feel better while you're trying to mend your broken heart.  You'll laugh, you'll get drunk, you'll look hot, and you'll help your body recover from those emotionally induced hangovers.  Enjoy my Four Things Friday to help you move on from that boy who probably didn't even deserve you in the first place.
I Forgot To Be Famous: On dating, relationships, and getting screwed and screwed over in the beautiful city of Los Angeles from a writer who is trying her best 
by Almie Rose
If you don't know Almie Rose yet, you should and you will.  She's taken her signature humor and wit from her buzzworthy blog, Apocalypstick, and written the definitive first person narrative for female twenty-somethings called I Forgot To Be Famous.  With chapters titled, "How To Get A Musician Boyfriend," "How I Blew It With That Actor, Ex," and "Grace Kelly, Beautiful Slut," you will definitely laugh and get your mind off your own love life...and maybe even be grateful yours isn't this traumatic.  I Forgot To Be Famous is available on iTunes and Amazon for $2.99 here.  And you can check out Almie's blog, Apocalypstick here.  Also, check out this hilarious video we posted on the BLOW OFF from her blog a couple years ago.  
Voli light vodkas
I have a personal motto: "I don't trust people that don't drink, because if you're living life right you've got shit to get away from."  Obviously this doesn't apply to people who have substance abuse issues, but it does to everyone else.  And after a break up who doesn't drink...a lot?  But post-break up single ladies still need to find someone who wants to put a ring on it, so we don't necessarily want all of the calories that come with escaping our pain on our more frequent than usual girls nights out.  I love Voli light vodkas because I can still get tipsy without getting tubby. Just like men, there are plenty of fish in the Voli sea to choose from.  The spirit offers an original flavor as well mango coconut, espresso vanilla fusion, lemon, and raspberry cocoa.  The last thing you want to worry about is extra calories while you're singing along to "You Outta Know" on repeat. 
Rent The Runway
After a break up I always want to do something drastic like get a tattoo or dye my hair or gasp...take my extensions out.  I want a makeover so hopefully my change of physical appearance will inspire my head and heart to change and have a hopeful outlook.  Thank god I haven't ever done anything drastic...except for the time I flew to NYC and started to look at apartments.  But the easier answer is a new wardrobe.  Unfortunately we can't always afford the designer duds that make us feel good and sexy while we are going out looking for new mates.  That's where Rent The Runway comes in.  They have dresses from mid and high-end designers available at all price points so we can look like a million bucks when we step into SoHo House without spending it.  They're also great to rent for weddings so you have your dibs on any guy at the singles table.  
Wakaya Perfection 
After a few or more nights of binging on dirty martinis and vodka sodas trying to heal your heart it's important to heal your body as well. Wakaya Perfection is a ginger supplement that makes the ginger you scarf down during sushi look like child's play.  It helps ease nausea (score!), soothes sore muscles (heart not included unfortunately), aid in digestion, and relieve allergy, cold, and flu symptoms.  It comes in powder, capsule, and even cream form.  When you're ready it will help heal you from the inside out.


  1. I just bought Almie's book, love her blog. She's so funny!

  2. okay, i lied-- i was just about to buy it and realized i'm a loser with no kindle or iPad. So, i'm going to make my husband buy it and read it on his. please don't judge me, BLOW OFF readers.

    1. I don't have an iPad or Kindle either but there's a Books app on the iPhone for you other readers out there that don't have tablets & eReaders.

  3. It's true! I don't even have a Kindle! But Amazon offers free Kindle readers you can download that will let you read the book on your laptop, tablet, phone, etc!

  4. That comment was meant to reply to 20 LA Wannabe, my bad, but I hope it helps you, saaara! And thanks for reading it!!

  5. Yay! Thanks Almie, I'll make sure to do that. Can't wait to read!