Friday, August 30, 2013

Four Things Friday: the break-up survival kit

Between Boyfriends, SATC, Someone Like You, Ani DiFranco
If we ever have an online store at the BLOW OFF, break-up survival kits would be a must.  Items would include: a bottle of champs, a voodoo doll that really works, matches for burning all your old photographs of your ex, the pocket rocket, and those creepy naked playing cards that make penises look really freaky (you know, so that you'll be okay with the fact that you might not be seeing one for awhile).  And of course, the following four things:
The Between Boyfriends Book by Cindy Chupack
This is my favorite self-help relationship book, because it's honest and funny and actually gives practical advice on how to get over a break-up.  I also love the concept of not thinking of yourself as single, but simply "between boyfriends."  Sort of like how I'm currently between writing jobs.  Chupack (a former Sex and the City writer who now works on Modern Family) strikes the perfect balance between being cynical/bitter + still hopeful about love.  Some of her best tips that we've written about on this blog: #1 the first thing you need after a break up is a palate cleanser (i.e. having sex with someone new) #2 if you feel tempted to contact an ex, go to your nearest Costco, buy something in bulk-- and don't call the person until you've run out of that item. 

Sex and the City: the box set
I know, it's clich├ęd, but I'm tired of pretending that Sex and the City isn't one of the best television shows ever made.  It was groundbreaking, people.  This New Yorker article proves it.  Whenever the H-bomb is out of town for work, I go straight to HBO GO and rewatch my favorite episodes.  And even though I'm a little sad my thirties aren't filled with Manolo Blahniks and cosmopolitans, I did end up with a guy who drinks grappa and smokes cigars like Mr. Big.  Anyway, SATC is our Star Wars and we need to stop pretending like it sucked when we're around dudes. Also, the above scene makes Girls seem like amateur hour.
Someone Like You 
My favorite rom-com that you've never seen.  I netflixed this way back in the day and I think watched it five times before I mailed the DVD back. You can watch it on Amazon Instant here.  Ashley Judd plays a talk show producer who falls in love with her new co-worker (Greg Kinnear), they have a whirlwind romance, but things end terribly and she has to try to get over him while still working together.  Hugh Jackman plays her other co-worker and roommate that she predictably falls for.  BUT I love it.  It might be a little on the cheesy side, but it actually manages to realistically capture all the things you go through during a traumatic break-up.  Like how one of the things she misses most about her ex is the way he smells...

Dilate by Ani Difranco
I grew out of my Ani Difranco phase pretty much the second I graduated from college (Does she still make albums?  Wait, don't tell me.  Checking Spotify now.)  I first started listening to her in high school after my sister (who was in college at the time) discovered her.  She wrote the album Dilate after going through a really shitty break up.  Not all of the songs hold up, but the album has a good range of pissed off break up songs and sad ones depending on your mood.  My all time favorite is Untouchable Face.  The first time I heard it, I remember thinking she totally nailed that feeling of running into an old flame with these lyrics: i don't look forward to seeing you again/you'll look like a photograph of yourself taken from far far away/and i won't know what to do and i won't know what to say.  OMG, I'm having a major nostalgia moment here.  Actually, we'd probably have to include an Ani Difranco compilation CD, because Fire Door and Both Hands are two of my favorite break up songs ever.

Anyway, lovely readers.  Enjoy your last official weekend of summer and if you're currently nursing a broken heart, I hope one or all of the above helps. xoxo


  1. Amazing!! I love Someone Like You!! I always mention it in my breakup survival kits as well. Such an underrated gem.

    1. We just talked about it right?? I couldn't remember in what context it came up-- did you mention it in a post? I'm definitely revisiting it this weekend.

    2. Ha probably! I've been watching it a lot lately. If only we could all have Hugh Jackman waiting in the wings to tell us that Ray is not the last man we're ever going to love

  2. Sex and the City marathons are always part of my "Between boyfriends" rituals. Love this :-)