Friday, August 16, 2013

Four Things Friday: get a hobby.

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Yay, it's the weekend again!  This week focuses on some of my fave hobbies (old and new), as well as one of my all time favorite tumblrs to hit up when I'm in the mood for some serious procrastination.   SVB-- our resident male contributor-- has said in the past that he's attracted to women that are independent and have things going on in their lives other than dating him.  I couldn't agree more.  Hobbies build character, give you something to talk about on a first date, and sometimes they give you a well-needed distraction when you're otherwise waiting for a certain person to text or call.  Who am I kidding, guys don't call anymore do they?

Flowers & Plants: So, I don't have a green thumb at all.  In fact, I have toe thumbs, but that's an entirely different post all together.  I don't know if this is something that people do in their thirties, but I've tried to take up some new hobbies...or maybe I'm just trying to prove to myself that I can take care of a plant before I even start to consider the idea of having a baby.  Either way, it bugs me when people don't have a life outside of their jobs & their boyfriends, so I personally think hobbies build character.  The cactus plants I'd put in our yard had mostly died or been eaten by my dog (yes, I couldn't even keep cactus plants alive.  They like don't need hardly any water, guys.)  So, I decided to salvage what I could and place them into smaller pots and put something entirely new in the larger pots (plants & pots purchased from the Sunset Nursery on Sunset & Fountain).  Also, I'm currently obsessed with craspedias (the yellow ball flowers).  I bought these tiny little vases off Amazon and the flowers from my fave florist in Silverlake (Clementine Floral Works @ Sunset Junction).  I'm a big believer that girls should always buy flowers for themselves.  It's pretty much like the most independent thing you can do ever.
block & let dry, stitch, and wear
Scarf, complete!
Speaking of hobbies, remember when I took up knitting a couple months ago?  I finished my first project: a scarf for my sister (she's pictured above).  After the knitting portion was finished, I had to learn to block it (the process of wetting the scarf to smooth out imperfections, then mold it to dry), then I learned how to sew the scarf together to make it an infinity scarf.  Even though all the times I screwed up while knitting this really tested my patience, I'm a big believer in finishing what you've started.  Also, I can be a little high strung and anxious and knitting did soothe by moods.  If I was on the verge of getting into a fight with the H-bomb, I just picked up my knitting needles and basically ignored him.
Creme Brulee French Toast 
Last weekend we hosted a brunch at our house and I made this Creme Brulee French Toast. (Side note, I did not have an emotional meltdown, yay!)  Anyway, it's been my go to recipe for things like book clubs or bridal showers for awhile now.  It's one of those dishes that's really easy to make, but makes you look all kinds of fancy and competent in the kitchen.  Click here for the recipe.  I usually don't bother with the Grand Marnier and this time around, I added blueberries right before sticking it in the oven.  Just keep in mind that it needs to be refrigerated for at least eight or up to twenty-four hours before serving.  If you're visiting your significant other's fam in the near future, whip this baby up for them.  They will be thoroughly impressed.
I'm totally obsessed with the tumblr: #myfriendsaremarried.  Although the writer of the blog freaks me out when she says: "my friends are all getting married and I'm just twenty-five and drunk." Who are these twenty-five year olds that are all getting married?  Most of my friends aren't married and we're all in our thirties.  Anyway, the site is basically a ton of funny gifs with hilarious titles/captions.  If you are married-- this is a really good site to go on to make sure you don't do any of the annoying married people things she references.  I'm proud to say, there's a lot I'm innocent of, except maybe the one that says:  when my married friend says if she were still single, she would online date.  Also, since nearly every woman I know that got married the same year as me either has a kid or is going to have one, I can relate to some of her horrified comments on parenthood.  Seriously though, I love all your babies.  I wish we could get this chick to contribute to the BLOW OFF.

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