Friday, August 2, 2013

Four Things Friday: Variety Pack

Jay-Z & JT, Shockwave, Diablo Taco, Catfish
From my new favorite reality TV show to my new favorite work out at the gym to my fave taco spot, this week it's a mixed bag of break-up remedies to make the last month of your summer a whole lot brighter. It's August, peeps.  Make it count.
Concert Nostalgia 
I was recently told about a psych study that showed spending money on experiences made subjects happier for a longer period of time than spending money on material objects.  Apparently, we tire of material things quickly but the photographs and memories from our experiences continue to bring us joy after the fact.  That's how I justify the fact that I spent way too much money on tickets for the Legends of Summer tour to see Jay-Z And Justin Timberlake perform.  I haven't been to a big stadium concert in a long time and this was also the first show I'd ever seen at the Rose Bowl.  The day started with tailgating and ended with a shit-load of dancing.  Plus, hearing songs like Big Pimpin' and Cry Me A River (best break up song ever) made me seriously nostalgic for my wild days as a single gal in the NYC circa 2003.  One of the highlights of the day was hanging out with friends before the concert and realizing one of the girls there is a loyal fan of the BLOW OFF.  (What up, Ynea!)
I do yoga, because it's good for me, but generally when it comes to exercising, I prefer what I call angry work outs.  Angry work outs are PERFECT when you're going through a break up.  It's a way  to get all the aggression out, while also feeling like a badass for burning calories.  Currently, my favorite angry work out is Shockwave-- a class offered at Equinox (but I'm sure the trend will take off with its own studio soon if it hasn't already.)  It's basically a cross-training class that incorporates various stations + the indo row.  The length of time you spend at each station depends on how long  it takes your classmates at the rowing stationt o complete the number of required meters on their machine.  So, when you're the one rowing, there's added pressure to finish as quickly as possible so you're not the slow poke forcing everyone to keep doing excruciating exercises at their station.   So...if any of you ate a cronut last week, look into taking a shockwave class. 
Diablo Taco (3129 West Sunset Blvd)
After you've had your crazy work out, you deserve to eat a taco.  A friend of mine was thinking about signing up for HowAboutWe and told me that almost every girl on the site suggests tacos & beer for their dates-- clearly something they think guys will be into.  So, that's why I think Diablo Taco is a perfect first date spot.  It's casual and low key, but still on the trendy side.  It's not so romantic that you start panicking about getting back on the horse.  And their stupid slogan (Urban Taco Fabricator) is a perfect conversation starter about how lame hipsters are.  Even though I prefer the tacos at Guisados, you can get booze at Diablo Taco which makes it better for a date.  As a bonus, you can see if your date is an adventurous or picky eater depending on the tacos they order.  The Brentwood corn is amaze-balls AND you can order it cut, so you don't have to brave eating corn on the cob on a first date.   Also popular are their micheladas, though the Japanese Yuzu flavor was a bit too tart for my taste.  I had the honor of hanging out with Film Girl there last night and got to hear how her love life has drastically improved since her break up last year.  Yay!
Catfish (Wednesday nights at 7pm & 8pm)
Um, guys.  I'm sort of obsessed with Catfish on MTV.  It's one of those reality shows that completely hooks you in after five minutes.  The two hosts of the show are Nev and Max (total silver fox) who were two of the guys who made the hit 2010 documentary Catfish-- hence having a show of the same name on MTV.  The documentary was about Nev's online relationship with a woman named Abby who ended up being someone else entirely. The TV series uses that same premise.  Nev and Max are usually contacted by a 20something who's been in an online romance, but wants to make sure things are legit.  It's a bit insane how naive people can be and that many of them opt to not use Google to make sure their cyber-significant others are real, but who knows.  This will give you serious pause when it comes to online dating.  I saw one episode where a girl found out the guy she'd been talking to online for two years (and having phone sex with) was actually her best friend.  Here's a clip from my favorite episode.  Lauren's been talking to a guy named Derek on the internet for eight years ( I mean, they met on MySpace) who seems for reals, but his cell phone number is registered to a middle-aged black man.  Watch what happens when Lauren knocks on his door.  P.S. This pretty much never happens:
Anyway, lovely readers.  Enjoy the first weekend of August.  And remember, the sun gives you Vitamin D which gives you serotonin which makes you happy which means summer is an easier season to get through a break up.


  1. Diablo Tacos is honestly amazing. Get the corn thing - JUST DO IT.

    And boyfriend and I are obsessed with Catfish!!!

  2. Sara it was a pleasure meeting you as well! Hope you didn't have as much trouble getting out as we did! 4 mile walk later and we finally snagged a cab! BUT top 3 concert experiences of my life for sure!

    I definitely believe in spending money on "experiences" AND the popsicle michelada at Diablo's!


  3. The editing/minor scripting on "Catfish" isn't always the best; they make the beginning very "fake" (Oh, yeah, they JUST read that email and then Skyped with the author immediately afterwards, riiiiight). But it can be compelling TV.

  4. Does anyone have the recipe for lotteria mole with a hicama milk base?

  5. Sorry anonymous #2, try googling it. And yes, anonymous #1 the beginning is totally fake but i find the actually face to face seems authentic. if i find out it's ALL staged, I'll be really upset.

  6. I am just not sure why they have to fake the beginning to such a degree. Makes me trust the rest of the show just a tad bit less. There is so much editing weirdness before the confrontation. I also think the "deep investigations" are hilarious. "Ooh, it's time to bring out the big guns...Google images!" Ah, well. It's still addictive, I agree. I'd like to see them with some older "victims." People past 25 can be fooled as well...right?