Thursday, August 29, 2013

the BLOW OFF questionnaire: meet Sam (AKA the MFAM Bloggette!)

Editor's Note: A couple weeks ago, we included our favorite tumblr #MYFRIENDSAREMARRIED in a Four Things Friday.  Thanks to the magic of Twitter, we got to "meet" the woman behind the blog and she agreed to fill out our BLOW OFF questionnaire.  Amazing!  So, with that: meet Sam, y'all!

I love guys who...have real furniture. If you’re my age and still have your TV sitting on a Rubbermaid in your living room we aren’t going to work out. I also love a guy who knows how to party like an adult and not a frat boy.
I hate guys who...hate my dog. 
My worst break up was...when I was dumped at 3 in the morning on a Friday night in bed. After driving 5 hours to see him. I had to sleep at his house. Fortunately it made it really easy to wake up in the morning with my middle finger in the air. 

My easiest break up was...see above. I was over it in approximately 8 hours. 
My three deal breakers are...clingers (anything above a double text and I’m out), guys who don’t work out, and northern accents. 
I've been in love 2 times.
I've had my heart broken 1 time. My second love made it easy for me to move on, if you know what I mean. 
 I've broken countless hearts. You know, all those guys who fall in love with my stunning good looks at the bar…kidding. Maybe. 
My go to sad break up song is...I don’t think I have one…I don’t think I have a soul, really, so I just go straight for the “fuck you” songs. No use on dwelling on something that’s over. 
My go to "fuck you" break up song is....“Leave Me Alone” by the Veronicas and “What Goes Around” by JT. Yep. 
The song I would most want a guy to play outside my window with a boom box is...I have to be honest, that’s way too romantic for me. It would have to be something completely ridiculous like “Safety Dance.” 
I knew he wasn't the one when...he texted me 9 times and snapchatted me 4 times when I was off the grid at a winery for 6 hours…can I stress enough that clingers are AWFUL? 
I knew he was the one when... I mean, ok are we talking about my dog? I knew he was the one when I got up for work and he refused to get up and go outside until like, 8:30 when I left. My dog likes to sleep in til noon. We’re great together. 
Angelina beautiful, but awful. Please try and tell me she isn’t a homewrecker. 
Reality literally, I can’t imagine life before it. I want someone to give me a talk show interviewing reality TV stars. First up would be Courtney Robertson from The Bachelor. Then Tamra from RHOC, although we would inevitably become best friends and take over the world. Bitches be crazy.


  1. I knew there was a reason I love #MFAM! You pretty much answered everything like I would. I love the Veronica's. ha.

  2. Yes, Angelina is a homewrecker.

  3. Love MFAM got me through a long ass single winter, girl powurrr. Also cool Blow off site too, great find.

  4. LOVE all these answers! So honored to have the MFAM bloggette on our site. I'm totally with you on the clingy dude epidemic. And thank you Raymi, so glad you found us!

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