Friday, September 27, 2013

Four Things Friday: The End

Heartburn, Breaking Bad, i.d bracelets, modern love
I've been focused a lot on endings this week-- probably because I'm at the finale of my 21 day cleanse. Woot-woot! Today is my last day so starting tomorrow, I'm bringing meat, dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, and booze back into my life (slowly, of course.) That means I can blog about cocktails and desserts again to help mend your broken hearts (or to help make that guy you've been hooking up with seem more interesting.) Until then, all bad things must come to an end:

Heartburn by Nora Ephron
Some celebrity deaths hit harder than others and I'm still getting over the fact that Nora Ephron died. We're reading Heartburn in book club this month and it's making me all the more sad Ephron is no longer with us. The book is just as good the movie (Netflix that shit if you haven't already) and even comes with a bunch of different recipes. I still have fifty pages to go, but I love the irreverent/self-deprecating tone of the book (I feel like it's what the BLOW OFF would have sounded like if we started it in the 80s. Wait, did I just compare us to Nora Ephron? You bet your sweet ass I did). The book is technically a work of fiction, but it was inspired by Ephron's own divorce with Carl Bernstein who cheated on her with a mutual friend while she was pregnant with their second child. And yet she still manages to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.  Purchase your copy here. 
Breaking Bad
Don't worry, no spoilers. The H-bomb and I started binge-watching Breaking Bad last year and the final eight episodes have been all I've been thinking about these last two months (I even had a dream Jesse and I were running for our lives together). The show is full of BLOW OFFs, but the most complex relationship has to be the dynamic between Jesse and Walt...let's just say I miss their honeymoon period, if there ever was one.  I have to give a special shout out to my sister for buying me the season 1-3 DVDs as a birthday gift a couple years ago to finally force me to watch it. Now you can stream seasons 1-5 on Netflix.  So, if you need something to obsess over other than your ex, then this is the show for you. How will it all end? We'll find out on Sunday.
I.D. bracelet
Admittedly, I've written about this before-- but that was almost four years ago when only ten people read the BLOW OFF.  I totally forgot to include the bracelet in my souvenir of my single days post, because, well-- I was eleven when my boyfriend at the time gave it to me.  He was twenty-five.  Gross, I'm kidding.  Back in 1991, engraved I.D. bracelets were the new promise ring and my sixth grade boyfriend got me one on the last day of school and then things fizzled out between us during the summer.  I'm including it because my first instinct after a break up was always to get rid of everything from the ex.  And even though I still recommend not holding on to every photograph, email, piece of jewelry, mixed CD, you were given by a dude-- it is a good idea to hold on to at least one thing. Cause one day--- twenty-two years later-- it's just a sweet reminder of puppy love.
Modern Love: Falling in Love at 71
For someone who has a break-up blog, I definitely need to read Modern Love more often.  In case you don't know about it, it's a column in the Style section of the New York Times.  I checked it out this week and came across the article "Age is no obstacle to love, or Adventure."  The writer, Nora Johnson (yes, another Nora!) writes about falling in love with an eighty-three year old man when she was seventy-one, changing her whole life for him, and the end of their relationship.  It's a beautiful story of how it's never too late to find love.  Click here to read it. And make sure to check out the animation that goes along with it, I love it!

Hope all of your endings this weekend are happy ones, if ya know what I mean. xoxo

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