Friday, September 13, 2013

Four Things Friday: souvenirs from my single days

chair, rear view mirror charm, nose ring, chopsticks
I met the guy who would end up being my husband at the tender age of twenty-five, which today, boggles my mind.  I was a baby.  I was nearly the same age that my brother is now and he's a child.  (Not really, but as far as I'm concerned, he's not old enough to meet his future wife).  That's why when I hear people who are significantly younger than me panic about being single, I want to remind them that one day, hopefully no earlier than their 30s, they'll be married (which is awesome) but then they'll NEVER be single again.  This is it.  These are the stories you will tell your future adult-children one day.  Live it up.  I have a lot of nostalgia for that stage of my life and even though I don't want to go back, I wouldn't mind visiting for a day.  Not to make out with anyone!  Honestly, just so I could get drunk without having a debilitating hangover the next day.  Anyway, with that: here are four of my favorite souvenirs from my single days.

Green antique chair
My bestie Alison and I found a pair of these chairs at a flea market in New York City in 2002.  I remember the day vividly.  The chairs were too big to fit on one cab, so we had to take separate taxis home-- the chairs sticking out of each trunk all the way back to the east village.  Our apartment was so small that we thought we could just use them as our living room furniture instead of a sofa.  After a couple days of awkwardly sitting next to each other in side by side antiques, we decided to hit up Ikea for an actual couch.  But we each kept a chair and moved them with us when we came to Los Angeles in 2005.  I like to think of them as our version of best friend necklaces.  The H-Bomb is not a big fan, but I still keep my chair in our guest room and will never ever get rid of it (note to self:  respect the things from H-Bomb's past he wants to hold onto.)  A lot of memories come with the chairs and a lot of cute guys sat in them.
Rear view mirror charm
An old colleague of mine gave me the above necklace right before I moved from New York to LA.  He'd bought it from a street vendor who told him it was a good luck charm for safe travels (or he just made that up when he gave it to me).  We hung it from Alison's rear view mirror when we made our cross country trek to California.  Eight years later, the charm still hangs off the mirror of my Mini Cooper.  I've had it hanging there for so long that sometimes I forget it's even there, but when I do catch sight of it in gridlock, it's a great little reminder of all of my NY/LA adventures.  Not to mention it did keep us safe on our road trip (aside from the time we ran out of gas in the middle of New Mexico).

this is me, 8 years ago. that tiny dot is my nose ring.
Nose Ring: When I was in college, I really really wanted to get my nose pierced, but my parents were totally against it.  So, I did what any normal 20something would do.  I got it pierced the summer I went "abroad" to NYU.  I still consider that summer in New York one of the best I've had so far.  I loved the nose ring, but I took it out when I came back to California so my parents would never find out about it.  They eventually did and they admitted it looked pretty good.  So when I moved back to New York the following year, I returned to the same tattoo parlor on St Marks and got it pierced again.  I haven't taken it out since.  I don't know what the rules are about being in your thirties and having a nose ring, but at this point, I'll probably be left with a hole in my nose that will never close up.  So, for now-- it stays.  But I should really take it out before I turn 40, right?
Chopsticks:  The best present I've ever received from a boyfriend.  The year was 2005 and the H-bomb and I had just started dating.  And by dating, I mean we emailed each other a lot and talked on the phone, because he lived in NY and I lived in LA.  One night I was working really late at ABC Daytime (my old stomping grounds) and had ordered Chinese food for dinner.  We were talking on the phone as I unpacked my food and made a horrifying discovery: they forgot to give me chopsticks!  About a month later, the H-bomb came to visit me for the first time in LA, right after Christmas.  It was one of those-- we have to get each other gifts, but they can't be too nice cause we just started dating-- moments.  Well, he bought me a set of chopsticks.  It was the perfect gift.  It wasn't expensive or fancy, but just the right amount of thoughtful and sentimental.  To this day, when we order Chinese, he always remembers to ask for chopsticks.  (Admittedly, we don't use this set that often cause they're too slippery compared to the wooden ones, but I will treasure them forever).


  1. Sara, I love it how foods or drinks would always make it to you 4 things Fridays, except for this week, and next couple weeks huh ;) :))!!! xo

  2. LOL, AM. Next week I may put up a vegan cleanse recipe :)

  3. This was like stepping into the past for a min. Loved it. And I think those chairs still bring us good luck. :)

    1. I agree! I was also thinking of including my S is for Shorty shirt in here, but I didn't have time to track down our pics from Graceland!

  4. I read your posts now and then and love them:). Always so cute and I hope I remember my single days (you know when I'm finally not in them) as fondly:)

    SF Gal

    1. Thank you so much, SF Gal! That means a lot, keep reading please! xo