Friday, September 6, 2013

Four Things Friday

surprise date night, frosted beer, cleanse, parks & rec
Summer is essentially over.  For me, that means it's time to stop being polite and start getting real.  By real, I mean stop eating and drinking so effing much.  Which means I'm kicking off autumn with a...cleanse.  I know what you're thinking.  Saaara-- this is the BLOW OFF, not Goop.  Are you being held hostage by Gwyneth Paltrow?  Why yes, yes I am.  Please alert the authorities immediately.  Anyway, here are the four highlights from the week that can help get you through a break-up or spice up your current relationship:
Surprise Date Night
Sometimes I think there's too much emphasis on guys having to provide all the romance in a relationship.  I'm a big believer that us ladies need to do thoughtful things to make our significant others happy too.  The H-bomb has complained in the past that I'm not a romantic, but now that we're kicking off the third year of being married, I've decided to step it up.  Last weekend, I decided to plan a date night for us and refused to tell him where we were going or what we were doing.  We took Lyft (which should also be one of my four favorite things, I love it) to downtown LA and started the night off with cocktails at Varnish and then from there we walked around the corner to Baco Mercat for dinner.  I have to say, the H-bomb likes to plan things, so it was really fun to keep him in the dark until we got to the restaurant.  So, if you're a chick and are in a relationship, consider doing a surprise date night this weekend.  And pick up the tab.  But not if you've only been dating the guy for like a month.  That's kind of laying it on too thick.
My Favorite Beer
I've posted a lot about various cocktails and wines to soothe the pain of your break-up, but when it came to my drink of the summer, beer was on the top of the list.  And since I can't drink alcohol for three weeks on this motherfucking cleanse, well, I need to give beer a little love.  I prefer Belgium beers and while Chimay is usually my top choice, Blue Moon is cheaper and a little lighter.  And it goes perfectly with a slice of orange.  The best thing about drinking beer is drinking it from a frosted glass (I learned that from my parents who keep an array of frosted glasses in their freezer).  It's not exactly the best kind of drink to fill the void of a break-up, because it will give you a gut, but it's a great first date kind of drink if you want to slow your roll on the getting wasted and making a fool of yourself front.  Plus, as I learned from a friend who tried out the dating site How About We-- dudes love girls who drink beer.  Side note: the fish bottle opener on the left is my absolute favorite.  It makes a great gift too.  Click here to purchase your very own from Umami Mart.
this picture would be so boring if I didn't add a pug to it.
The Quantum Wellness Cleanse 
It pains me to report that starting tomorrow, I'm going on a twenty-one day cleanse.  Ugh, I hate myself, but it's time to detox from summer.  Also, it's not a cleanse in the traditional sense, because you can eat way more than lemon juice and cayenne pepper.  The reason I'm cleansing is two-fold: #1 it just feels good to know I have the discipline to do it. #2 I would like to lose five pounds.  And also, I do feel healthier at the end of it all.  Anyway, I first learned about the Quantum Wellness Cleanse on the Oprah Winfrey show.  It was created by Kathy Freston who's like this vegan guru.  Anyway, for the next three weeks I'm not allowed to eat: sugar, dairy, meat, gluten, alcohol, or caffeine.  Basically, it's going vegan with no bread, chocolate, booze, or coffee.  It's going to suck.  The alcohol part is the hardest, but I don't have too many big social events in September, so it felt like a good time do it.  This is totally not for someone who is in the beginning phases of a break-up, but I do recommend it if you're in the middle phase (Like the pray phase of eat, pray, love).   Wish me luck guys!
Parks & Recreation
There are a few shows out there that comedy writers will shame you for not watching and Parks & Recreation is among them.  I somehow missed the boat on this show when it premiered five seasons ago and finally started binge watching it last month.  By binge watching, I mean I'm nearly through season four.  So, even though I'm way late to this party, I promise there's still time to jump on the bandwagon.  If you are going through a break-up, I'm sure you can use a little laughter in your life.  Plus, this show has a ton of funny little BLOW OFFs in it.  Like Ron Swanson and his doomed relationship with his ex-wives (Tammy 1 & Tammy 2) or the epic romance of April & Andy or Leslie Knope's scandalous relationship with her boss or Anne Perkins not realizing she'd been dumped...because she'd never been dumped before in her life.  And if you've just been blown off by someone, then take a little time this weekend to: treat yo self.
Anyway, tonight is my last pre-cleanse meal for awhile so the H-bomb and I are going to be celebrating our second anniversary.  Hope you all have a great weekend filled with beer and gluten and surprise dates.  I'll apologize in advance if I'm grumpy next week from being hangry or if all my four things are Tuskan Kale.  xoxo


  1. Hang on, so what do you eat during the cleanse? What's a typical meal? You're not just having fruit salad for 3 weeks are you? (This is Ad Nauseum, btw)

  2. There's actually a lot you can eat-- brown rice pasta with tomato sauce, smoothies with almond milk, brown rice/beans/guac, brown rice cakes with almond butter, sweet potatoes, she even approves steel cut oats. those are some of my go-to meals :)