Wednesday, September 11, 2013

the pro-athlete & the BLOW OFF

A dating story from our loyal reader Lindsey: 
We were not officially a boyfriend/girlfriend, but it was heading that direction (or so I thought.) He is an NFL player (score!) and well known. Of course I was flattered when he took interest in me. He was everything I ever wanted in a man physically...he was tall, dark, and handsome and every time I saw him I just wanted to climb him. He had been pursuing me for about a month and we met up in person. We had a wonderful weekend filled with make out sessions, rides in the Range Rover, and autograph sessions.

Yes, he took me to his autograph signing...which looking back was kind of a douche move. I sat beside him at the table while he signed autographs and felt like a Kardashian for a day..."look at ME, I'm with HIM!" And the stupid part of my brain thinks "well, he paraded me in public, so this must mean he wants to get serious." At the end of the weekend it was hard to leave, a flurry of kisses, hugs, I'll see you soon,we have to do this again, I've never met anyone like you, I can't believe we made out for 4 hours" etc. About 15 minutes into my drive home I get an "I already miss you" text. With kissy faces...kissy faces and hearts, people!

So like any normal girl would do, I buy tickets to see him play in his next game....which is conveniently in the city I live in! I wished him good luck via text that day and asked if I would get to say hello after the response. I found this odd, as he always responds. At the game we are 3rd close I can almost reach out and touch his sexy ass in those tight pants. It was such a turn on to see him play. I was so proud! I lingered a few minutes after the game...still no response, so we went home. I figured "oh he's busy, they are doing press, they had to get on the plane, etc." Fast forward a few weeks: we are still easy breezy and he wants to see me again. We make plans for that weekend. Again an exchange of "I'm so excited to see you, I can't wait to hold you, etc." and I am pumped.

I text to confirm plans the day response. Hmmm, strange again. I decided to leave him alone...see how long it would take him to respond. I finally broke down 4 days later and texted him "did you die over the weekend?" He responded "no, sorry". I said "it was my understanding we had plans this weekend." He said "no we didn't". REALLY? In my mind I wanted to say I have 20 text messages of professing your sheer excitement that I am coming to visit you...but I digress. I said "look, if you don't want to see me that's fine, all I ask is that you be straight with me." He said OK and he apologized. I later find out he went to a baseball game with a friend...really? A baseball game over me?

Next day: he blows up my phone with "baby, love, sweetie, my boo, etc." messages and proceeds to like all of my pictures posted within the last week on Instagram. WTF? I know he is a professional athlete and I'm sure he has a harem of females in rotation...I'm not stupid. However, I never became physical with him, because I figured that's what groupies do, and I am not a groupie (after all, he pursued me).  Plus, I figured it would make me stand out, be a little different than all of the other girls who throw themselves at him. So, I've decided that I am going to start my own little harem...and he can take a number.  So far my harem consists of a semi-pro football player, a scientist, a UPS man, and my ex-fiancé (old habits die hard!)


  1. I'm a little curious where your guy plays! I dated an athlete too!

  2. I love that you have a harem of men! And that one is a UPS guy cause those guys are hot and always the nicest.