Monday, September 16, 2013

the stand-up & the BLOW OFF

From our loyal reader Jodi: 
I hate the stand up. Leave my text unanswered? Fine. Perform the magical disappearing act? I can deal. But do not book up my weekend and then leave me hanging to uncover your cryptic excuse for bailing.

A recent dating prospect asked me out for dinner – he seemed nice, attractive and normal. Yay! Yes, I just cheered normal- it has been a long year. Hours before our date, I received an apologetic text. My date was called in to the office and we had to reschedule. Given his line of work, this was not completely out of the realm of possibility so I agreed and we planned our next date.

While primping for our follow up dinner, my phone flashed with a second cancellation. This time, he pulled the excuse that is impossible to question: His grandmother was in the hospital. I suspected deceit. I was angry. But was I also jaded and selfish? If Grandma was in fact, lying in a hospital bed, I would want my future boyfriend by her side instead of gallivanting around town with me…right? I remembered that episode of Sex and the City where Miranda furiously called a date’s home after being stood up only to find out he died hours before their date. I did not want to be Miranda.

The next text popped up, “I feel like an Asshole cancelling on your twice. I really want to see you.”

How can I argue that? So we planned our next date and hours before our designated meeting time, I text Mr. Third Time Better Be a Charm to finalize our meeting place. He responded with silence. As in, I never heard from him again. Fuming, I paced around my one bedroom apartment, wondering aloud: Why bother booking another date? Why leave me hanging? And most importantly, why bring your grandmother into our doomed from the start relationship? I will never know the truth in Grandma’s alleged hospital visit but there is one thing I know for sure: her grandson is an ASSHOLE.


  1. I love the ending to this post, so true. And I don't understand why the guy would continue you to ask you out, then pull the stand up and disappearing act. I once had a guy call me purely to apologize that he hadn't called and said that his parents were in town-- and then I never heard from him again. What was the point of that last phone call?

  2. Haha, "her grandon is an ASSHOLE," very clever Jodi! Just remember that he is, in fact, an asshole and not deserving of your time and company. His loss...

  3. Based on my own experience, I would guess that the guy was seeing other girls at the same time and did find a girlfriend.
    Maybe the first time we was really sorry but the grandma excuse seems so false that I guess we was planning something with another girl he likes better.
    But why tell the truth when you can bring your grandma health into that ?
    Sometimes I think guys are ASSHOLES on purpose. Just so they can tell how crazy chicks are when we yell at them.