Wednesday, October 16, 2013

adult nudity & the BLOW OFF

This is the story of how I got dumped for taking my clothes off.

It was the nineties (well, 1999 to be exact).  I was a college student, still in a long distance relationship with the boyfriend I dated in high school.  We got together towards the end of of our senior year and decided to stay together when I went away to college.  We made it till January of my freshman year and then I broke up with him to branch out and date other people.  But that didn't go so well and when I came home for the summer, we got back together.  Truth be told, we didn't sleep together our first go round, I was a virgin who was pretty much terrified of sex (middle-eastern parents are conservative when it comes to that type of thing) and I think part of me wanted to get back together so he would be my first.  And he was.  CUT TO:

Sophomore year when I'm back at school and we are now back together and doing it.  I spent my first two years of college at UC Santa Cruz and to say there was a hippie mentality at UCSC would be putting it lightly.  As a dorm hall event that year, our resident advisor decided we should all go to Kiva-- a community sauna/hot tub where bathing suits are optional.

My girlfriends and I went and I'm pretty sure I told my boyfriend about it, but reassured him that we were not planning on taking our clothes off.  But when we got there, we were the minority dorks.  Most everyone had opted to go naked, but the four of us were hiding in the corner of a hot tub in our conservative string bikinis.  We finally mutually decided to give into the unspoken peer pressure of naked penises and vaginas and lose the suits.

This was a big deal for me.  To this day, I'm still the girl that keeps a towel on in the gym locker room when I change my undies.  I'm pretty modest when it comes to nudity, but for some reason, I had a "when in kiva" moment.  It was liberating and all kinds of awkward, but relatively tame for most wild/crazy college experiences. Side note: most awkward part was trying to scoot out of a crowded sauna without your bare butt touching anyone.

I came clean with my boyfriend and over the next few days he became oddly distant.  When I confronted him about the way he'd been acting, he admitted he wasn't sure if he loved me anymore and we broke up.  He didn't admit until much later that the naked hot-tubbing was the reason he dumped me.  I was pretty blind-sided by the break up, though I guess I deserved it after dumping him the year before.  I spent the remainder of the quarter feeling sorry for myself, blaming Santa Cruz, and applying to other colleges.  I ended up transsferring to Berkeley the following year--- which believe it or not--- had way less naked hippies.

What do you guys think?  Did I deserve to get dumped? Comment below!

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  1. hahaha no you did not deserve to get dumped... i do love this story though...