Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Do's and Don'ts of Social Media: DO have a sense of humor.

Here’s a simple fact of life: people like to laugh. And people like people who make them laugh. If you can rise above your bitterness and show that you can laugh in the face of heartbreak, you will always win any post-break up PR battle. And you’ll probably win a lot of other suitors in the process.

Humor comes from honesty. The fact is that laughter is just an involuntary admission of the truth. It takes courage and self-confidence to be honest, and people find those traits attractive. And even though you may not feel particularly courageous or self-confident after you’ve had your heart trampled on, trust me, you can fake it til you make it. So resist the urge to scour Pinterest or ThinkExist for an inspiring quote on being a strong independent diva. Nobody’s buying it. If what you’re actually doing is listening to Tori Amos and eating sour cream a la carte, just fucking say so.

Have a laugh at your own expense. Own it. Whether anyone admits it or not, everyone relates.Vulnerability is endearing, and it seems to be a rarer and rarer commodity in an increasingly cynical world. It’s refreshing. It may seem counter-intuitive, but if what you want to express is that you still have your pride, swallow it and just tell the truth. In a light-hearted way, of course. This is not the time to channel your inner Sylvia Plath, it’s a time to take an affectionate look at yourself as an outside observer and turn tragedy into comedy. Have a good laugh at your own misery; it’s incredibly therapeutic.

And if you find you just don’t have it in you to crack jokes in the midst of heartbreak, turn on some great stand-up or a funny podcast and quote your favorite line, or peruse someecards for a hilarious pictorial quote that encompasses your feelings. Let your ex indulge in the wallowing and the passive aggression. Meanwhile, YOU show the world that you could care less what anyone thinks and can maintain your sense of humor about the slings and arrows of love. Ironically, being confident enough to comically expose the fact that you’re not okay makes you come off like a badass. And not that this should ever be your primary goal, but it’ll drive your ex completely insane as he waits for you to crack and write something totally emo. Oh, and no “LOLs” or “J/Ks” after a joke. It makes you seem less sure of yourself.

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