Friday, October 4, 2013

Four Things Friday: mixed bag

broken relationships, cheese, Chaz & Roger, love letters
The Quantum Wellness cleanse is over!  I feel like a normal person again.  Truth be told, it was a little hard to go back to eating regular food and booze made me feel like crap those first couple of days, but now I'm back in action!  Anyway, here's a mixed bag of things from the week that I wanted to share with my favorite BLOW OFF peeps. 

The Museum of Broken Relationships
Can we all please take a BLOW OFF field trip to Croatia so we can visit the Museum of Broken Relationships?  This place sounds amazing.  The two founders of the museum are exes and got the idea to form the museum after fighting over who got to keep a toy bunny.  The place is filled with remnants and souvenirs of relationships that are no longer with us.  The displays start with items from shorter more casual romances, but as you get further along, there's the room of rage and fury to honor the bad break-ups and a room called rites of passage with wedding photos, etc of now divorced couples.  There's even a room devoted to relationships that end in death.  Drazen Grubisic, one of the founders, explains that when couples arrive at the museum, they are usually not making physical contact, but when they leave, they are often hugging or holding each other.  We need to open a Los Angeles chapter of this place. (thanks AG for sending me the article on this place.)
family + cheese plate = pure joy
Flea Street Cafe/the perfect cheese plate
I've been visiting family in the Bay Area this week and my amazing cousin Atefeh (who also did the three week cleanse and happens to be one of the BLOW OFF's biggest fans) invited me and my parents to dinner at Flea Street Cafe in Menlo Park.  We were also joined by her brother (and my other amazing cousin) Ali Reza.  For fans of Oprah's Next Chapter, Flea Street Cafe is where she dined with Sheryl Sandburg.  I highly recommend this place if you are ever in the area.  The food was delicious and everyone there was incredibly nice.  But the company was even better.  In honor of our vegan cleanse finally being over, we dined on the perfect cheese plate.  It was one of those meals and nights you'll remember forever.
Chaz to Roger
One of my Facebook friends posted this letter from Chaz Ebert to her late husband Roger on the six month anniversary of his death and I had to share it.  I hate to mention Oprah twice in one post, but if you ever watched the interview she did with Roger and Chaz, you would understand why she's an inspiration.  We should all strive to be half the partner she was (and in many ways, still is) to her husband.  Here's my favorite excerpt from the letter: For about the first four-and-a-half months I was doing okay, but as the fifth month of your death approached I was like a little kid who said, I am tired of you being in Heaven, I want you to come back. The reality set in that this is permanent. You would never walk on this earth with me again. But you have made yourself known in other ways that have brought me joy and comfort. And you have found ways to let me know that you are in a good place. I cannot begrudge you that. 

My parents' love letters
Speaking of letters...this is one of my favorite things in the whole world.  When my parents first got married in Tehran in 1974, my dad went back to the states to finish college in Louisiana and my mom had to stay behind in Iran till all her paperwork went through before she could join him.  They were apart for a two month period and they wrote letters to each other everyday.  They saved all the letters in this album.  This is like straight out of The Notebook, you guys.   I wish I knew how to read Farsi so I could go through all of these, but I'll just have to force my mom to read them all to me someday.  Looking through it, it makes me realize that the hand-written love letter is a dying art form and we need to keep it alive.

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Let's, for once, end on a serious note.  Life is short and fleeting, peeps.  If there's one thing you do this weekend, let it be this: tell the people closest to you how much you love them. xoxo

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