Friday, October 18, 2013

Four Things Friday: NY Edition

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Going back to New York City after a three year absence definitely felt like catching up with an ex-boyfriend.  There were things about the city that made me remember why I fell in love with it in the first place and other things that made me remember why I had to leave.  But let's focus on the positive.  Here are four of the reasons I can look back on my love affair with Manhattan fondly. 

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My first gay wedding
The reason I went to New York in the first place was to see my cousin Hootan marry his partner of ten + years, Daryl.  The two of them were a touchstone for me while I lived in New York and after my sister moved back to Cali, they were the closest family members I had in the city.  Not to mention they live in the most amazing penthouse apartment in Chelsea so it was heaven to visit them and get out of my shoebox apartment.  Their wedding fell on the same day as my 33rd birthday, which meant I had the most awesome birthday party ever.  It was an honor to be there to see them make things official even if they should have been allowed to get hitched a long time ago. 
cafe ceci cela, the spotted pig, wxou radio, clem's
Magical Haunts
One of the things I miss most in New York is this: you're walking down a busy street, your legs get tired, you're in need of a cup of coffee or a cocktail, you slip into the first place that looks good and you find yourself discovering a quaint, wondrous, magical haunt. My four favorite magical haunts from this trip included Cafe Ceci Cela in Soho, my birthday brunch with my brother and husband at The Spotted Pig (okay, so I took a cab there, but the place is still magical), WXOU Radio bar in the west village where I had drinks with my amazing cousin Leyla and her amazing husband Steve, and Clem's Bar in Williamsburg where I hung out with the BLOW OFF's very own Ask Evan. (side note story that could only happen in NY: one of my closest gfs who lives in Brooklyn took me to Clem's, she had a little too much to drink and proceeded to speak french with two young Parisians, then made out with one of them.  She had no memory of this in the morning, but when we went to grab bagels and coffee at a place near her apartment-- five subway stops away from where we were the night before--- THE TWO FRENCH GUYS WALKED IN!  Only in New York.  Naturally, we avoided them like the plague.)
i'm a little too into singing total eclipse of the heart
St. Marks Karaoke 
I've always said that the only people who love karaoke are the people who can sing really well-- and I am not one of those people.  BUT the night before the wedding, I thought it might be fun to rent one of those Karaoke rooms with a bunch of my cousins who were also in town for the festivities.  Shitloads of alcohol later and I was singing my little heart out to Say My Name by Destiny's Child.  Here's the thing about New York-- we entered the karaoke room with plans to be there for only an hour and we stumbled home three hours later.  The most epic portion of the night was my cousin's rendition of an Iron Maiden song and Bryon singing Here Comes the Rain Again by Eurythmics. 
Late night slice of pizza
Los Angeles may have bacon-wrapped hotdogs, but you can't just walk out of a bar at three in the morning and buy yourself an amazing slice of pizza the way you can in the NYC.  I miss you, pizza.  I miss you more than anything.  You're the end to every perfect New York evening.  Never leave me.
(P.S. I also had the worst margherita pizza of my life on the trip and it nearly destroyed my marriage.  Do not order from Charly's in the financial district!)  

Anyway, the weekend was awesome.  I didn't even get to mention the fact that I got to spend a perfect day brunching and museum-going with my mom, but we'll have to do a 4 things post mom edition to make up for it.  Hope you all have a glorious BLOW OFF free weekend.  xoxo

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