Friday, October 25, 2013

Four Things Friday: Variety Pack

wrecking pug, candy corn, anders art, drake
For all of you that are still not over the shock that two gorgeous people with names like Orlando and Miranda couldn't make it work--- I have an update.  According to my very reliable celebrity gossip source, Miranda Kerr has been sleeping with Leonardo DiCaprio for at least a year.  Ugh, Leo.  You could have any model you want!  Anyway, here are four random things that I am into this week that will momentarily help take your mind off of this latest celebrity break-up.

The Wrecking Pug
My new favorite internet sensation.  I can tell who my close friends are based on the people that emailed me the link to the best Halloween costume ever.  I'm a sucker for relevant pop culture costumes and this one is hilarious.  In case you don't get it, the pug is dressed up as the wrecking ball from Miley Cyrus's video.  I don't care if you're married with three kids and your husband just left you for Katharine McPhee-- this will make everything better (okay, that's probably a little extreme, but it should at least make you smile.)  For more adorable buzz feeds on pugs that will cheer you up, click here and here
Halloween Crafts
I'm into crafts in theory, but I'm not crafty.  In fact, my husband laughed really hard while he watched me put this adorable candy corn garland kit from Paper Source together.  I bought it only after the woman at the store assured me (after I asked her five times) that it's easy to do.  And it totally was.  Mostly, I'm just trying to find new hobbies that will prevent me from scrolling through my phone, waiting in vain for someone to play a word on Words with Friends.  If you want something easy to do that will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you get into the Halloween spirit, but you're not Emily from cupcakes & cashmere then I highly recommend the candy corn garland.  It takes about thirty minutes to make.  That's thirty minutes where you won't be checking your phone to see if a certain guy has finally texted.
This amazing picture
My friend Anders who I met through the ladies at Umamimart (he designed their Oakland store and is currently designing their SF pop up store) is the man responsible for this acid-inspired water color.  The picture was in a show at Q Pop in Los Angeles and since he lives in Copenhagen and couldn't pick it up, he asked if I wanted some art for our house.  Nicest guy ever.  I love it so much and can't wait to hang it up.  For more on Anders and his art, check out his website. 
Yes, Drake the person is one of my four things.  But how can you not love him?  His latest song might as well be called "you best have sex while listening to me"  It's actually called Hold On, We're Going Home.  Not only do I love the song, but the video itself is pretty awesome. How can you not love an R & B video that takes place in 1985 and does the whole short film thing?  It takes me back to old Michael Jackson videos and since Chris Brown is the worst person in the world, it's up to Drake to be the next MJ.  Never change Drake.  Never change. 


  1. You must see him in concert! I went last night in Brooklyn!!! It was amazing!