Friday, October 11, 2013

Four Things Friday

spell kit, don jon, all of me, cards
I'm en route to New York City as I write this. I haven't been there in over three years and am very excited to get reacquainted with one of my favorite cities. In a previous post, I've equated leaving a city to leaving a boyfriend, which is why I'm kind of happy it's going to rain most of the time I'm there. It'll be like getting drinks with an old boyfriend who's fat and depressed, when you know the boyfriend waiting for you back home is fit and a sunny 72 degrees all the time. are four of my favorite things this week.
Powerful Break Up Bottle Spell Kit
I love perusing Etsy for unique gifts for friends and family, but as I was surfing it earlier this week, I came across a spell you can cast if you want to break up a couple.  This shit is right out of Teen Witch.  The makers of the spell say you should not attempt it if you have any doubts about your intent to break up said couple.  That's how poweful this stuff is.  So if your ex-boyfriend has moved on with someone else, I guess you could use this spell to try and break them up.  I'm willing to bet money Jennifer Aniston has used this on Brangelina.  The spell includes dirt from a graveyard, black cat hair & black dog hair (to make the couple fight like cats and dogs), as well as some separation oil among other things.  For some odd reason, it does not come with a giant bottle of vodka.  I'm willing to personally purchase this for anyone in the Los Angeles area that desperately wants to break a couple up.  We can cast the spell at my house and see what happens.  Or, it could make a really fun gag gift for that friend who's in love with someone that's already spoken for.   Order your DIY spell kit right here. 
Don Jon
I loved this movie. Not only is it the perfect length (90 minutes), but it manages to address a topical relationship issue-- porn addiction-- in an entertaining way. I thought JGL did a great job of making us understand why there are dudes out there who prefer the internet to the real thing. In addition to the subject matter, ScarJo and JGL's bridge & tunnel personas are spot on and I loved Tony Danza as Gordon-Levitt's dad. My one complaint-- the movie doesn't really explore why us ladies take issue with the whole porn phenomenon. Dating a guy who's that addicted to watching porn makes you feel like you're not enough. Maybe that was the subtext, but I think they could have explored that angle a little more.
All of Me by John Legend
I haven't been this obsessed with a song since By Your Side by Sade came out.  The lyrics to All of Me are ultra-romantic and encapsulate what it's like to be in a long-term committed relationship. Plus, it has first dance at a wedding written all over it.  Legend and his new wife Chrissy Teigen are one of my favorite celebrity couples-- despite the fact that she's too pretty to look at. But aside from her looks. she's mostly known for her outspoken tweets.  Mostly I just want to be friends with them becasue they have a frenchie, a bull dog, and a pug. All they need is a Boston Terrier and they will have all of my favorite smush-faced dogs. For those of you that are currently single, listen to this song and visualize the question mark (i.e. your future awesome romantic boyfriend that's bound to come into your life in the very near future.)
Greeting Cards 
Okay, so I may not be married to John Legend, but the H bomb has a special knack when it comes to picking out cards.  I know it's a little cheesy and more touchy-feely than I normally like to get, but I wanted to share this one that he gave me for my birthday. Cards are the best and I've saved every one I've gotten from Bry.  The first time he visited me in LA, when I got home from taking him to the airport, there was a heartfelt card waiting for me on my bed.  It's also an added bonus any time he gets his car washed, because they sell greeting cards there and he always picks one up for me.  He usually doesn't buy cards for Valentine's Day, but that just makes me love him more.  Why get someone a greeting card on a greeting card holiday?  So unoriginal.

Anyway, friends-- hope you all have a lovely weekend and that you haven't been too impacted by the biggest blow off of all: the government shutdown. What are the chances it's over by the time this goes live Friday morning?  Come on congress, get your shit together.  And by congress I mean Republicans.  I'm totally going to cast the break up spell on them.


  1. Greeting cards are not cheesy...

  2. Cannot. stop. listening to All of Me. It gives me hope. And endless smiles. I hope you are having an amazing time in NYC! Miss living there everyday!