Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the top ten signs the guy you're dating already has a girlfriend

Editor's note: Whenever I hang out with my besties, we inevitably get on the topic of dating and something someone says inspires a BLOW OFF post.  Well, over mimosas last weekend, one of my friends shared a recent dating epiphany with us.  There was a reason a couple guys from her dating past acted super weird while she was with them: they already had girlfriends.  She didn't realize it at the time, but as she listed off the signs to us, it all made sense.  So, according to her, here are the top ten signs the guy you're seeing might already have a significant other.

1. Somehow you only see him on weeknights.

2. Which makes sense, because he's always out of town on weekends & holidays.

3. He seems to be looking over his shoulder and at the entrance too much when you're out getting drinks together.

4. He'll meet your friends, but he can't stay long. 

5. When you call him he never picks up; but he calls right back.

6. He always has to meet you late and be up early the next morning.

7. Your dinner dates are always at places that Yelp says avoid.

8. He avoids deep discussions and gets cryptic if you start asking him about ex-girlfriends.

9. He just seems a tad guilty AFTER you do it... and not in the normal guy way.

10. He tells you you're paranoid.

This is all kinds of brilliant.  I've definitely dated a guy in the past who did #1, #4, #5, and #6.   It took me about a month before I forced his hand and we agreed to go our separate ways.  Have you ever dated someone, only to later find out they had a girlfriend?  Any more signs we should know about?  Comment below! 

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