Wednesday, November 6, 2013

BLOW OFF questionnaire: Meet Almie!

Editor's Note: I have been a fan of Almie Rose and her blog Apocalypstick ever since I saw her How To Get Over a Break-Up video.  Well, it turns out our very own 20 LA Wannabe is friends with Almie and got us in touch with her for a BLOW OFF questionnaire.  All hail the internet for bringing people together.  Anyway, click here to read Almie's blog and click here to buy her book.  Lines like "I have dignity, it's just that it's attached with velcro" will stay with you forever.  Anyway, meet Almie:

I love guys who... wear slim fitting trousers, can make at least one "Simpsons" reference (Bart and co., not O.J.) and wash dishes without being asked. That is just so...HOT.
I hate guys who... brag about their jobs. Dude? No one cares.
My worst break up was... when my ex left me for his ex who didn't even take him back, but just wanted to see if she could. Oh and she's a super famous actress now. You can read all about that hot mess in my book, "I Forgot To Be Famous".
buy this.
My easiest break up was... there is no such thing.
I've been in love 2 times. Let's say 2 and a half.
I've had my heart broken... a million times. A million is probably too high, but that's what it feels like, doesn't it?
I've broken... 2 hearts. Let's say 2 and a half.
My go to sad break up song is... "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" by The Beatles.
My go to "fuck you" break up song is.... when I'm feeling better, "I Will Survive" (the original version, please) by Gloria Gaynor. And for those times when I'm in between, "I Will Survive" as done by Cake. Also, Celine Dion's "All By Myself" because when she hits those notes, that's the biggest fuck you I've ever heard without hearing the words "fuck you."
The song I would most want a guy to play outside my window with a boom box is... "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" by Frankie Valli. I'm a softie.
I knew he wasn't the one when... he didn't want me as much as I wanted him.
I knew he was the one when... he didn't say no to any invite, no matter how utterly boring or awful it sounded.
Angelina Jolie... got less fun after the '90s.
Reality TV.... is "Dancing with the Stars". All other reality TV pales to a ghostly Tim Burton claymation white. I promise. You need to watch this shit.
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